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More eye protection from lasers: NoIR LaserShields expands range in UK

With the news of multiple high-profile incidents involving laser pens being pointed at passenger aircraft; Elliot Scientific welcomes the recent addition of four more CE-certified laser filters and several new stylish frames to our existing NoIR LaserShields® range. The filters are:female-31

AG4 – blocks UV and 532 nm green light sources

YG5 – blocks IR lasers operating around 1064 nm

RT1 & RT2  – attenuate UV, 532 nm green and near-IR from about 800 to 1064 nm, making them ideal for visual alignment applications or laser pointer protection

Eyes can be permanently damaged by direct or reflected exposure to lasers, high-power LEDs and plasmas – arc welding for example.

NoIR safety eyewear is designed to absorb specific light energies, and must be selected by considering source wavelength(s) and peak irradiance, required optical density (OD), visual light transmittance, field of view, effects on natural colour rendition and frame comfort.

A number of frame styles are now also available in white, while an extra small model has been introduced for petite faces, adolescents and pre-teens. This will allow paediatric, medical and dental services involving laser treatments to offer better eye protection for children.

Your eyesight is important! Please contact us if you work with, or might be affected by, lasers or any other intense light source.

Retinal injury occurs from exposure to visible, such as the possible Blue Light Hazard effect, or near IR energy (400-1400 nm), while corneal or lens damage results from UV (190-400 nm) and IR (1400-11000 nm) exposure.



New Elliot Scientific brochure launched for 2016: Read online now!

Product Overview 2016 is now available to browse online via our Issuu channel, or you can download a PDF version.

This all-new brochure from Elliot Scientific details the broad range of products and equipment we offer from leading companies around the globe, and our own ranges designed and manufactured in-house.

The sixteen page brochure has been fully updated to include all the latest products that we offer for:

  • Lasers and Systems
  • Optics and Fibre-optics
  • Precision Positioning
  • Microscopy and Biophotonics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Materials Research

Printed copies of the brochure are also available in the UK. Contact us to have one posted to you, or simply pick one up at any conference or exhibition we are attending.

Our next is Photonex, which begins on October 14th in Coventry next week.

New additions to laser safety filters from NoIR LaserShields

female-31NoIR LaserShields has had ten of their existing filters for laser safety CE-approved. These are the: 10, 50, 60, 90, 92, 5032, 6032, RT1, RT2 and YG4.

NoIR also revealed, at the recent Laser World of Photonics exhibition, a breakthrough polymer filter for Holmium-doped fibre lasers operating between 2 and 3 microns – the HOY.

NoIR have been manufacturing high-quality internationally-certified safety eyewear for the protection of laser users in a broad range of fields and applications for many years now, offering protection from:

  • UV, visible, and IR lasers
  • Multiple waveband devices
  • Therapeutic and cosmetic treatments (Patients and Clinicians)
  • Laser pens (Pilots and Police)

Elliot Scientific’s expert advice will guide you to the best in cost-effective laser safety. From academics, beauticians and clinicians… we protect the alphabet of laser users. Contact us with details of your laser or application and we will be happy to help you choose the correct filters, spectacle frames or goggles.

New OEM LDLS is the latest ultra-bright performer from Energetiq

EQ400Energetiq introduced the new EQ-400 high power, ultra-bright Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) at the recent Laser World of Photonics in Munich.

Based on the existing highly successful LDLS™ series, the EQ-400 offers the highest radiance and irradiance available in a true broadband white light source. The EQ-400 features a compact lamp housing built with clean construction techniques to ensure long lamp life and stability. With a 170-2100 nm wavelength range, and a choice of dual-beam output or a single-beam output with retro-reflector, the EQ-400 is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • High spectral radiance: > 100 mW/ from 100 µm aperture
  • Spectral power: > 10 mW/nm from a 500 µm aperture
  • Very low noise: < 0.02%
  • Small plasma: 300 x 800 µm FWHM

If you have an OEM application that requires stable and ultra-bright illumination, please contact us as we have the solution.

Ultra High-power LED Products for Microscopy, Spectroscopy and Optogenetics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElliot Scientific is now distributing a comprehensive range of LED light delivery products for microscopy, spectroscopy, optogenetics, and other scientific research and industrial applications from Prizmatix, is a scientist-led company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of ultra high-power LEDs. These are available in a range of power levels and wavelengths across the spectrum for applications that include:

  • The UHP-T LED for microscopy and imaging – One of the most powerful available today
  • Optogenetics – Single and dual wavelength systems for in-vivo and in-vitro research
  • Multi-wavelength LED systems offering modularity and versatility for customised setups
  • Fibre-coupled units, with up to 11 different LEDs, delivering light through a range of fibre options

STSI-All-250-1For in-vivo and in-vitro optogenetics, Prizmatix offer a full range of modules that start from single wavelength plug-and-go kits, to multi-wavelength systems for activation and silencing in the same fibre. From light sources to cannulae, and everything in between, Prizmatix provides all the components necessary for experimenters in neuroscience, neurobiology, electrophysiology, biochemistry and biophysics. Typical systems have been constructed by researchers for:

  • Detection & excitation
  • Intensity monitoring
  • In-line filtering, attenuation or polarisation
  • Reflectance or fluorescence detection for in situ, in vivo, or in vitro applications

Prizmatix have extensively developed various photonics products for use in neuro and bioscience research such as optogenetics, as well as traditional chemistry, biology and physics. For example, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, and absorption measurement are typical applications here. Elliot Scientific will be demonstrating a selection of Prizmatix products, including the UHP-T and Mic-LED systems, at Photonex Scotland on June 3rd 2015 at the University of Strathclyde.

FLEX™ from CRAIC Technologies – a superior solution for analytical challenges

FLEX™, a UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer designed to be flexible in configuration, capability and pricing, has been launched by CRAIC Technologies.

Tailored for cost effective multiple spectroscopic analysis of many types of microscopic samples, FLEX™ operates from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared. Depending upon the configuration, samples can be quickly and accurately analysed by absorbance, reflectance, luminescence and fluorescence.

FLEX™ can also image microscopic samples directly via its DirecVu™ optics and grab high resolution digital colour stills. Additional options include a measurement capability for refractive indices and thin film thickness. FLEX™ is a multi-functional tool for the laboratory or factory, offering superior solutions for analytical challenges.

For further details on this and other CRAIC products, please contact us.

March 2015 Newsletter Out Now

March 2015 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific March newsletter is now available. In this issue we hear about the new colorPol® polariser brochures from CODIXX, see how spectroscopy and Atom Optics’ science benefit from Photodigm Laser Diodes, feel the emphasis Micro Laser Systems put on diffraction limited circular beams, get a taste of a superior solution from CRAIC Technologies for analytical challenges, and almost smell the sea air as we visit the SU2P Symposium in Dundee next week, plus the International Year of Light and more…

To view it in a browser, click here.

To read it magazine-style online, click here.

To download it as a PDF, click here.

Two new catalogues of CODIXX colorPol® polarisers out now

CODIXX colorPol® polarizers

The CODIXX range of tough,  dichroic glass-based colorPol® polarisers pass or stop polarised light, modulate or reduce brightness, diminish noise and lots more. With over two dozen standard colorPol® versions available for use throughout the UV, VIS, NIR and mid-IR wavelength ranges, CODIXX have released two catalogues to help you choose the right polariser for your application.

CODIXX colorPol® polarisersCODIXX_NewPhoto2015  deliver:

  • High contrast ratios
  • High transmittance values
  • Large acceptance angles
  • Resistance to UV radiation and chemicals
  • Resistance to temperatures up to +400 °C

The main colorPol® catalogue is complemented with a HT (high transmission) brochure especially for the optical telecoms industry.

CODIXX products are available in the UK and Ireland through Elliot Scientific. Please contact us for technical specifications, and details about standard and custom options.

FEMTOOPTICS – New catalogue out for 2015/2016

FEMTOLASERS has released the latest 2015/2016 version of its popular catalogue for the FEMTOOPTICS™ line of premier optical components. The range fully supports ultrafast applications and helps to exploit the capabilities of femtosecond lasers by covering the entire beam path – from source to target and from generation to detection. Products include:

  • Negative dispersive mirrors
  • Low dispersive optics
  • Ultra broadband optics

Highlights include:

  • GDD-optimised fluorescence filters
  • Octave-spanning, GDD-minimised dichroic filters – enabling the implementation of sub-7-fs pulses in nonlinear microscopy
  • Components for the visible – 450-700 nm for use with sub-7 fs pulses
  • Broadband dispersive mirrors
  • Low dispersion beam-splitters

FEMTOOPTICS™ – designed for ease-of-use to allow you to focus on your application and nothing else. Download the catalogue here.

For more information on FEMTOLASERS™ optics and laser systems, contact us now.

Latest Elliot Scientific brochure launched for 2015: Download it now!

Product Overview 2015 is now available for download. This all-new brochure from Elliot Scientific details the broad range of products and equipment we offer from leading companies around the globe, and our own ranges designed and manufactured in-house.

The sixteen page brochure has been fully updated to include all the latest products that we offer for:

  • Lasers and Systems
  • Optics and Fibre-optics
  • Precision Positioning
  • Microscopy and Biophotonics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Materials Research

Printed copies of the brochure are also available. Contact us to have one posted to you, or simply pick one up at any conference or exhibition we are attending. Our next is Photonex, which begins in Coventry tomorrow.

Alternatively, you can browse it online, magazine-style, on our Issuu channel.

Countdown to Photonex 2014 – only 4 weeks to go!

Photonex2013_1Next month sees the opening of Photonex 2014 – the showcase light and imaging exhibition and conference. Coventry City’s Ricoh Arena is once again the venue, and Elliot Scientific will be there on Stand B10.

We will be displaying the Mad City Labs nanopositioning range, our own portfolio of Elliot|Martock micropositioning systems and accessories, and other piezo-driven systems from mechOnics.

Lasers from IPG Photonics, Integrated Optics, and FEMTOLASERS will be on show, along with Honeywell Sperian and NoIR Laser protective eyewear. In addition, the latest version of the popular laser-driven plasma light source from Energetiq will be demonstrated alongside Spatial Light Modulators and diffractive optics from Holoeye.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand on October 15th or 16th, where you will also discover an exciting new range of products we are introducing.

For information about the Show, visit the Photonex website.

TimePro™ and FilmPro™ introduced by CRAIC

CRAIC Technologies has developed software to measure time-dependent changes of microscopic samples in full UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, absorbance and emission spectra.

The new CRAIC TimePro™ Kinetic Spectroscopy package is designed to be used with Lambdafire™ software equipped CRAIC Technology microspectrophotometers. CRAIC TimePro™ allows the user to monitor changes in the spectra over time, providing a unique and valuable tool for chemists and biological researchers.

CRAIC FilmPro™ is a film thickness measurement software package developed for CRAIC microspectrophotometres equipped with the Lambdafire™ software. It allows the user to rapidly measure the thickness of thin films and analyse many materials on both transparent and opaque substrates. It is ideal for determining the thin film thickness on semiconductors, MEMS devices, disk drives, flat panel displays, and more. This powerful and flexible software can be used in many different fields and in everything from research to industrial settings.

Contact us for more information about these products.