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Laser Servo gets positive feedback from users

Elliot Scientific has had commendations from laser scientists around the UK after trials with the D2-125 laser servo from Vescent Photonics.

Designed for low-noise servo control of lasers and other experimental systems, the reconfigurable servo is equipped with a PI2D loop filter (with two-stage integral feedback) that provides tight locking to cavities and atomic/molecular transitions.

The D2-125 provides full control over the loop-filter parameters, enabling servo-loop optimisation for a wide variety of systems such as acousto and electro-optic actuators, voice coils, piezo actuators, and so on.

Auto relocking is available for the D2-125 Laser Servo as an option. Lock Guard™ detects when the servo loop filter has gone out of lock and automatically recaptures it.  Lock Guard™ control parameters are all user adjustable for maximum flexibility and optimal performance.

Key research areas for Vescent products are:

  • Magneto-Optical Traps (MOT) for laser-cooling of atoms
  • Coherent atom sources
  • Sensors for gravitometry and magnetometry
  • Focused ion beams
  • Ultrasensitive trace-isotope analysis
  • Quantum computing and cryptography

For more information about Vescent Photonics, their electro-opticwaveguide, and laser technology products, please contact us.

Cold Atom Science to benefit from laser products by Vescent Photonics

Elliot Scientific is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer laser products from Vescent Photonics to researchers in the UK and Ireland. Vescent Photonics is a technology driven organisation developing and manufacturing novel electro-optic, waveguide, and laser technologies. Key research areas Vescent products are used in are:

  • Magneto-Optical Traps (MOT) for laser-cooling of atoms
  • Coherent atom sources
  • Sensors for gravitometry and magnetometry
  • Focused ion beams
  • Ultrasensitive trace-isotope analysis
  • Quantum computing and cryptography

The Denver-based company is privately held by the original scientist and engineer founders, one of whom – Mike Anderson – was part of the group that created the first Bose-Einstein condensate. For more information about Vescent Photonics, their products, and other products we offer for cold atom science, please contact us.

Application Note Series complements Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers range

A number of experiments were recently commissioned by Elliot Scientific to test and demonstrate the capabilities of our standard E3500 Optical Tweezers system. These were undertaken by a team at St. Andrews University and are available as a series of Application Notes with accompanying videos.

There are four papers that look at:

  1. Trap Stiffness
  2. Trapping & Manipulation
  3. Cell Stretching
  4. Photoporation & Transfection

All can be read online at Issuu or downloaded from our website. The videos can also be viewed or downloaded here, or seen via our YouTube channel.

‘Optical Tweezers in Action’ exceeds 10,000 views on YouTube

Link to YouTubeOur most popular tweezing video on YouTube has exceeded 10,000 views – Optical Tweezers in Action‘  shows the manipulation of groups of 1 micron microspheres. The video is real-time and demonstrates the speed and precision of the Elliot Scientific system.

For more information about Elliot Scientific’s Optical Tweezer Systems, please contact us or download our brochure.

New Optical Tweezer Brochure Published

A fully revised, expanded, and updated Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezer brochure has been published. This new catalogue covers all the Optical Tweezer equipment and systems for laser trapping Elliot Scientific offers. It includes details on:

  • Component-based “open architecture” optical tweezers
  • Self-contained portable, desktop single beam optical tweezer workstations
  • Single spot optical tweezer for integration with commercial microscopes
  • Multiple spot optical tweezer under full computer control integrated with commercial microscopes
  • Force Measurement accessory for single trap stiffness using a Quadrant Photodetector (QPD)
  • Force Measurement accessory for multiple trap stiffness, multiple particle tracking using Camera Particle Tracking (CPT)

The brochure will be available at all of the events Elliot Scientific will be attending in 2012. Alternatively, you can contact us for further information and a printed copy, download the PDF version, or read it online via our Issuu channel.