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Application Note Series complements Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers range

A number of experiments were recently commissioned by Elliot Scientific to test and demonstrate the capabilities of our standard E3500 Optical Tweezers system. These were undertaken by a team at St. Andrews University and are available as a series of Application Notes with accompanying videos.

There are four papers that look at:

  1. Trap Stiffness
  2. Trapping & Manipulation
  3. Cell Stretching
  4. Photoporation & Transfection

All can be read online at Issuu or downloaded from our website. The videos can also be viewed or downloaded here, or seen via our YouTube channel.

Biophysical 56 – San Diego – Elliot Scientific on Booth 201

Elliot Scientific will be attending the Biophysical Society’s 56th Annual Meeting in California from February 26th.

This year’s event, at the San Diego Convention Center, promises to be one of the largest meetings of the Society to date, with over 6,000 biophysicists from all around the world.

Elliot Scientific will be demonstrating a laser tweezer system designed for the optical trapping of micron-sized or smaller neutral particles, as well as our range of precision miniature slides and XYZ flexure stages for the manipulation of biological structures in the lifesciences.