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Motorised Siskiyou micromanipulators for bioscience (and microelectronics)

For interaction with a microscope sample, the micromanipulator has been a staple of the biologists toolkit from the beginning of the 20th century.

Used for holding, injecting or cutting, the precision of the micromanipulator’s motion has always been paramount. So many leading researchers, including Dr Robert Chambers and Sir Andrew Huxley, worked on improving the mechanics of these systems over the years.

These early devices relied on adjustment of the individual axes by hand, but by the 1950’s De Fonbrune had developed a pneumatic micromanipulator that allowed all three axes to be operated via a joystick-like controller.

Depending on the application, researchers might need different movement ranges and resolutions, speeds and accuracy; so ranges of micromanipulators are available of different constructions to suit.

Siskiyou Corporation offer mechanical, hydraulic, and electronically-controlled motor adjusted systems.

The latter micromanipulators are fully CE-certified and are now on sale to UK and Irish researchers. Models available include:

MX1641 Series – ideal for introductory level research and training
This crossed roller micromanipulator uses spring-loaded lead screws on three axes to ensure drift-free operation, and a motorised probe axis delivering up to 0.1 µm movement resolution.

MX7600 Series – ideal for patch recording experiments
A fully motorised crossed roller bearing micromanipulator offering exceptionally smooth linear travel via its precision preloaded lead screws to ensure drift-free operation and up to 0.1 µm movement resolution.

MX7800 Series – ideal for multiple patch-recording experiments
This variant of MX7600 series uses a new folded Y-axis stage that narrows the footprint of the manipulator by half. This design enables the mounting of as many as six micromanipulators in a semi­circle from side to side around the front of a microscope.

For more information, please visit our Siskiyou Life Science Products, or contact us.

PS. Micromanipulators can also be useful for holding tools and probes while examining microelectronics under a microscope!


September 2014 Newsletter Out Now

September 2014 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific September newsletter is now available. In this issue we look at the new MMP precision micropositioning stage series from Mad City Labs, cover Ato ID’s cost-effective high-performance Gold SERS substrates for an enhanced Raman signal, reveal that Lake Shore’s new Model 372 AC Resistance Bridge/Temperature Controller is now shipping, explain how BOTDR enhances the Foresight™ DSTS from OZ Optics, and look forward to Photonex 2014 in October.

To view it in a browser, click here.

To read it magazine-style online, click here.

To download it as a PDF, click here.

New DSP50 Multiphase Linear Stage from mechOnics

The new mechOnics DSP50 linear stage, designed for the latest generation of NOVA-controllers, can handle up to 16 N blocking force over a travel range of 10 mm.

In conjunction with its specialist multi-phase controller, the stage can operate at a speed of up to 1 mm/s and offer an extremely uniform movement due to the use of multiple piezo inertia drives.

The linear stage is available as a single, dual or three-axis positioning system with a precision of 1 nm and high repeatability courtesy of its optical movement sensor. A vacuum ready model is available to order.

The outstanding precision and very compact design offers advantages in many applications, so do contact us for more details about this or other mechOnics products.