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Elliot Scientific to distribute IPG Photonics’ low power CW and single frequency fibre lasers

IPG Photonics YLM Laser

IPG Photonics YLM LaserElliot Scientific Ltd. recently announced its agreement to distribute IPG Photonics’ low, up to 20 W, power continuous wave (CW) and single frequency diode-pumped fibre lasers within the UK and Ireland.

IPG Photonics’ advanced commercial/non-telecommunications fibre laser devices are a quantum leap forward and provide the best in diode-pumped solid-state reliability and performance for a broad range of applications.

Elliot Scientific offers three series of rare earth doped fibre lasers that are more efficient, more cost effective, and more than just a ‘like for like’ replacement of lamp or diode pumped crystal lasers. The range comprises:

Ytterbium doped fibre lasers – Light output ranges from 1062 to 1075 nm and these lasers provide a highly compact and mobile light source for a number of scientific and medical applications including optical tweezing. They are available as continuous wave, randomly or linearly polarized models with a standard sub-nm and single frequency, below 50 kHz, linewidths.

Erbium fibre doped lasers – Operating between 1535 and 1600, nm which includes the important telecommunications C and L wavebands, these single frequency lasers are ideal choices for interferometry, coherent beam combining, free-space communication and sensing applications due to their less than 50 kHz linewidth. Linear and randomly polarized options with a standard sub-nm linewidth are also available.

Thulium doped fibre lasers – With an output wavelength within 1800 to 2050 nm, these standard linewidth lasers are ideal for the laboratory, medical and industrial communities who require a wavelength selectable diffraction limited beam, turnkey maintenance-free operation, single mode fibre delivery, compact size and air-cooled modular simplicity.

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New Symphony and Scherzo from KLASTECH are music to our ears

KLASTECH Laser Technologies on Elliot ScientificKLASTECH are releasing their second generation DPSS single-frequency continuous wave lasers over the coming months and first out are the new high-performance Symphony and Scherzo models.

With both operating at the significant 532 nm wavelength, these lasers come in a variety of powers – Symphony up to 1.5 W and Scherzo offering 50 to 300 mW, are OEM ready, and can be supplied with a choice of connectors – USB, RS-232, Ethernet etc. – for interfacing with a PC-based controller.

Symphony and Scherzo offer beam quality, power and control at realistic prices: outperforming many rival and more expensive offerings – and single frequency operation is included as standard! Contact us now for details.