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New electronic Polarisation Controller/Scrambler from OZ Optics

OZ Optics now offers a high speed electrically operated Polarisation Controller (EPC) that provides continuous polarisation control with negligible insertion and return losses in a compact, easy to operate package. Four birefringence transducers, each controlled by an analogue input signal, modify the polarisation in orthogonal directions. The device can be operated from 1260 to over 1650 nm (custom wavelengths available) with the response speed of each transducer surpassing 30 kHz.


Applications include polarisation controllers for optical networks, Polarisation Dependent Loss (PDL) control, Polarisation Mode Dispersion (PMD) compensation modules, and polarisation scramblers for polarisation parameter characterisation systems. The redundant transducer design allows continuous control of polarisation without having to ‘reset’ voltages.

High Speed Polarisation Controllers are offered as base modules requiring external electrical signals to operate, OEM modules with driver electronics and control interface, or stand-alone benchtop test instruments. For more information, please contact us.