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New Datasheet for SolsTiS® Laser Family

SolsTiS CW narrow linewidth laser

With the number of configurations of this industry-leading laser now exceeding thirty, M Squared have issued a detailed datasheet to describe and explain all the available choices in pump power (output power), linewidth and frequency scanning.

SolsTiS, with its many unique features, continues to take market share around the world from older CW Ti:S laser designs due to its better power, noise and linewidth performance compared to competing products.

As the world’s first and only alignment-free, maintenance-free, fully automated CW Ti:S laser, SolsTiS is still the smallest laser of its type too. These advantages make SolsTiS the only choice for all demanding applications, including high-resolution spectroscopy, atom cooling, optical tweezing, holography, optical data storage and metrology.

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EUROPA™ MHz OPA now available from Elliot Scientific


EUROPA OPA from FEMTOLASERSElliot Scientific is pleased to offer EUROPA™, the first Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) directly pumped by sub-µJ pulses provided by the unique FEMTOSOURCE™ XL high energy oscillator from FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH. FEMTOSOURCE™ XL represents the new generation of high pulse energy ultrafast compact Ti:Sapphire oscillators, based on their patented revolutionary Chirped Pulse Oscillator technology.

Available to researchers in the UK and Ireland, the complete package of FEMTOSOURCE™ XL, PULSEFINDER™ programmable pulse picker and EUROPA™, constitutes a formidable tunable laser source for delivering high pulse energy at repetition rates up to 5.1 MHz across the visible to mid-IR spectral range.

Uncomplicated, inexpensive, stable and compact, the system is the ideal choice for spectroscopy and microscopy applications which require a high signal-to-noise ratio. For more information, please contact us.

SolsTiS® – the World’s Only Alignment-free CW SLM Ti:S Laser Hits High Power

SolsTiS CW narrow linewidth laser

SolsTiS CW narrow linewidth laser Already the industry leader by virtue of its sealed, alignment- and maintenance-free design, the unique, ultracompact SolsTiS CW narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire laser now adds output powers >5 W to its wide range of available options and model configurations.

The new high power SolsTiS® CW SLM Ti:S laser is compatible with all commercial high-power CW Ti:S pump lasers and can produce industry-leading output powers in excess of 5 W at around 800 nm.

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