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January 2016 Newsletter Out Now

January 2016 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific January newsletter is now available. In this issue we get smart with clever products for optical fibre inspection from EXFO and mobile retroreflectometry from RoadVista, plus a remote control app for the CryoLab from Kryoz Technologies. Gamma Scientific sharpens its GS-1290 spectroradiometer specifications and Elliot Scientific uploads all of last year’s newsletters and announces Photonics West dates and details.

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Simple Measurement Acquisition for Retroreflective Technology = SMART G7

The RoadVista Laserlux® G7 mobile retroreflectometer is a complete and sophisticated mobile highway retroreflectometer system that can be fitted to almost any vehicle and connected to any wireless device with a web browser via Wi-Fi.

LaserluxG7Featuring proven optical head technology, the system objectively measures the retroreflectivity of road markings using a scanning laser source in real-time. Measurements are collected at the rate of 400 per second, and new high-speed data acquisition electronics and software a long with precise angular settings of illumination and angle of observation ensure accuracy.

Laserlux® can be used either day or night at variable traffic speeds and provides both colour, contrast and retroreflectivity measurements. Data is logged together with GPS location data by the host vehicle’s computer and stored on a USB memory stick. High definition video is also recorded with a data overlay, and clickable map files are generated as well.
For more information and detailed specifications, please contact us.

RoadVista hits Traffex next week: Elliot Scientific drives to Birmingham

traffex2011__4__84x56Traffex takes place at the NEC Birmingham from the 21st of April for three days, and is set to be the most important event for the international traffic management, road safety, road maintenance and transport infrastructure industries. Elliot Scientific will be exhibiting the RoadVista range on Stand Z75.

922colorRoadVista has set the standard in retroreflectometer accuracy, reliability and usability for over 30 years in the USA, and Elliot Scientific will be demonstrating to an international audience how RoadVista makes roads visibly safer with a complete selection of instruments and testing services for street lighting and retroreflection measurements of signs and road markings.

For more information about RoadVista and Traffex, contact us now.

RoadVista: Now in the UK

RoadVista is an established manufacturer of retroreflectometer equipment for the compliance testing of road signs and line markings. The instruments deliver the highest performance in accuracy, reliability and usability.

Elliot Scientific is the exclusive distributor of RoadVista products in the UK and Ireland, and below is a selection of some of the systems we offer:

The RoadVista 922D handheld retroreflectometer is designed to measure the retroreflection (RA) of road signs and other materials. It features an annular measurement geometry simplifying the measurement process and meets BS EN 12899-1 and DIN 67520 test specifications.

RoadVista’s Stripemaster 2 touch retroreflectometer is designed for use in the field to measure retroreflectivity (RL) of glass beads embedded in white or yellow thermoplastic, traffic paint or temporary marking materials.

RoadVista’s 932-3 handheld retroreflectometer designed for use in the field or laboratory. It features multi-geometry point measurements for full characterisation of retroreflection (RA) and retroreflected night-time (CIE1931xy) colour of sign sheeting and high visibility clothing.

The RoadVista 933 is a benchtop four axis goniometer system for testing sign sheeting and high visibility clothing. The 933 quickly measures retroreflection and the retroreflective colour of materials at multiple geometries.

For the laboratory, RoadVista offer the 940D computerised photometric range system (below left). This is the ultimate reference in photometric testing of retroreflective materials, devices and light sources, and is used by a number of government agencies and labs around the world. It is fully compliant with all ASTM, CEN, CIA and DIN standards and is the reference system used to develop those standards.In addition, RoadVista’s Laserlux CEN 30 (below right) is a vehicle mounted road retroreflectometer system measuring road markings in real time while travelling at varying traffic speeds.
Contact us now for further details on the RoadVista range