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TimePro™ and FilmPro™ introduced by CRAIC

CRAIC Technologies has developed software to measure time-dependent changes of microscopic samples in full UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, absorbance and emission spectra.

The new CRAIC TimePro™ Kinetic Spectroscopy package is designed to be used with Lambdafire™ software equipped CRAIC Technology microspectrophotometers. CRAIC TimePro™ allows the user to monitor changes in the spectra over time, providing a unique and valuable tool for chemists and biological researchers.

CRAIC FilmPro™ is a film thickness measurement software package developed for CRAIC microspectrophotometres equipped with the Lambdafire™ software. It allows the user to rapidly measure the thickness of thin films and analyse many materials on both transparent and opaque substrates. It is ideal for determining the thin film thickness on semiconductors, MEMS devices, disk drives, flat panel displays, and more. This powerful and flexible software can be used in many different fields and in everything from research to industrial settings.

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Kinetic Spectroscopy from CRAIC Technologies

CRAIC Technologies 20/20 Perfect Vision™ Microspectrophotometer

Time-resolved spectral analysis has been added to the extensive capabilities of the CRAIC Technologies 20/20 Perfect Vision™ UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer.

This new package allows the system to monitor the full range spectra of a microscopic sample area over time and plot the results as a 3D map. Analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance and even optical emission from deep UV to the NIR spectral regions.

Applications for this time resolved analysis system include LED degradation, chemical reactions, biological processes and more, making the 20/20™ microspectrophotometer more than just a scientific instrument… it is a solution to your analytical challenges.

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