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Single Crystal Fiber Lasers are in the news: Taranis covered by Laser Focus World

Fibercryst’s ultra-fast lasers and amplifiers utilise their revolutionary Taranis Single Crystal Fibre (SCF) modules to enable higher energy per pulse, higher average power, and easy to use flexibility between energy and repetition rate, and better beam qualities from small footprint devices.

In this month’s Laser Focus World magazine, an in-depth article about Fibercryst’s innovative Single Crystal Fiber amplification technology has been published. You can read Single crystal fibers amplify power in ultrashort-pulse lasers here.

Industrial Laser

OutputEndTaranis technology is the heart of the Fibercyst FEMTO, a powerful industrial femtosecond pulse width laser for high quality micromachining, offering output powers up to 25 W for high throughput.

Typical applications include: cutting and drilling of hard materials, cold machining polymers or composites, and micromachining / structuring of surfaces, especially glass, ceramics and sapphire. A key feature of this laser is the ability to easily and quickly change the repetition rate to favour the average power or the energy per pulse.

Seed Amplifier

The Taranis Amplifier System is a stand-alone add-on unit that allows a developer to increase the power and energy output of an existing laser installation.

The amplifier design also incorporates Fibercryst’s unique Taranis technology – a single crystal fibre amplifier ideal for short pulse amplification that delivers a high intensity, linearly polarised laser beam with superb quality and adjustable repetition rate.

The amplifier accepts a wide range of fibre-coupled or free propagation mode seed lasers, boosting them to a higher average power, higher peak power (up to 30 MW) and higher pulse energy. Output is to free space.

Further details about these and other Fibercryst products can be obtained by contacting us.

New Minimum Pulse Distortion Optics from FEMTOLASERS

New optics for ultrafast TiS lasers from FEMTOOPTICS by FEMTOLASERS are optimised to induce minimum pulse distortion:

  • 2″ dielectric 5 & 10% beamsplitters | sub-7 fs | p-polarised
    • Constant splitting ratio over a large spectral bandwidth
    • Minimum GDD upon both reflection and transmission
  • 3″ dielectrically enhanced Ag mirrors
    • High reflectance and low GDD over ~ one optical octave
  • 3″ ultra broadband dielectric 0° and 45° mirrors
    • High reflectance
    • Maximum bandwidth achievable with non-dispersive dielectric mirrors

For more information about these and other FEMTOLASERS’ products, please contact us.

June 2014 Newsletter Out Now

June 2014 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific June newsletter is now available. In this issue we announce lots of exciting new products. From FEMTOLASERS we have the rainbow 2 oscillator and latest FEMTOPOWER amplifier plus the WIZZMO beam characterisation and compression unit. Vescent Photonics has released its ICE Cube electronics system, and Lake Shore is delivering their new Model 372 AC Resistance Bridge/Temperature Controllers. Plus ultrathin polarisers from CODIXX and the Photonex Roadshow reaches Cambridge.

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Photodigm High Power Single Spatial & Longitudinal Mode Laser Diodes now available in UK

Photodigm is a leading specialist manufacturer of high power single spatial and longitudinal mode laser diodes that deliver unsurpassed performance for applications where beam quality and spectral purity are critical. Elliot Scientific is now offering the Photodigm range to its customers who have requirements for such precision laser diodes in the following fields:

  • Atom Optics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Non-linear Optics
  • Quantum Computing
  • Precision Instrumentation
  • Fibre Amplifiers
  • High-Speed Pulsed Operations

Photodigm manufacture in their own fab so, by controlling all aspects of design and production, their proprietary DBR lasers deliver the highest standards in beam quality and the highest powers available today in individual single mode laser diodes. 

Photodigm DBR lasers are designed to deliver single frequency, single mode laser output. They offer a range of wavelengths and packing options to suit. Full details on our website.

The precisely fabricated ridge waveguide selects a single spatial mode, and the monolithic DBR grating selects a single longitudinal mode. With a narrow bandwidth on the order of 1 MHz, and powers up to 400 mW, Photodigm DBR lasers are uniquely suited to many precision applications and are available in a variety of packages.

Please contact us for more information.

February 2012 Newsletter Now Online

February 2012 E-LetterThe Elliot Scientific February newsletter is now available as a PDF. In this issue we highlight our new Optical Tweezer Brochure, Nufern’s Holmium Doped Fibre, the MOSAIC octave spanning GDD dispersion management module from FEMTOLASERS that offers sub 4 fs pulses, Mad City Labs products for AFM and cell imaging, Lake Shore’s introduction of  a 3-year equipment warranty, Biophysical 56 in San Diego, our LinkedIn professional social network and more…

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FEMTOLASERS introduce new Systems and Accessories at Photonics West

Photonics West is often a launchpad for new products, and this year the exhibition did not disappoint. A whole raft of equipment was announced by FEMTOLASERS Produktions − click on the product name below to download a related datasheet:

For more information about these and other products from FEMTOLASERS, please contact us.

PULSEFINDER offers the ability to pick µJ pulse energy at MHz repetition rates…

PULSEFINDER, from FEMTOLASER, is a pulse picking system developed especially for the FEMTOSOURCE scientific XL family of high energy oscillators. The system offers the ability to pick µJ pulse energy at MHz repetition rates and provides a unique combination of high contrast and high throughput for sub-50 fs oscillator pulses.

For more information on this product available through Elliot Scientific, visit our FEMTOLASER’s Ancillaries Page, telephone +44(0)1582 766300 or email us.