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HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator Range Revamped – New models introduced

This month has seen the introduction of several new Spatial Light Modulators from HOLOEYE. The latest developments include:

New HDTV Resolution High Retardance Panels
Two new phase only panels, the PLUTO-VIS-HR and PLUTO-BB-HR, show a considerably higher phase retardation compared to standard panels. This enables mod 4π or even mod 6π phase functions to be addressed which can be beneficial for wave front functions due to higher slopes and reduced transition points in the addressed function compared to mod 2 Pi encoding.

New LETO Phase Only Reflective SLM
The LETO is based on a full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) LCOS microdisplay with a pixel pitch of only 6.4 µm and a small interpixel gap of 0.2 µm. The SLM provides a high fill factor of 93% with a corresponding high light efficiency, and is usable in the 400-1100 nm range with a phase shift of 2π up to 850 nm. With a reflectivity of ~ 75% and a low cross talk between pixels, the device offers diffraction efficiencies of more than 80% (16 level blazed grating) which leads to a total light efficiency of approximately 60%.

New LC 2012 Transmissive SLM
The LC 2012 is based on a transmissive liquid crystal microdisplay with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. It is addressed using a standard HDMI interface and advanced calibration can be performed via USB. The SLM provides a phase shift of 2π at 532 nm and around 1π at 800 nm. The microdisplay and drive electronics are packaged into a compact box for easy integration into optical setups via a mounting ring which fits standard laboratory posts and holders.

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