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New Thermal Management Systems for HOLOEYE SLMs

HOLOEYE have engineered special thermal management systems for their PLUTO and GAEA Spatial Light Modulator for use in situations requiring temperature control, such as an application involving a high power laser or where temperature fluctuations colud affect results.

The TMS 001 electrically cools or heats an SLM that is in contact with a Peltier element and passive heat sink, while the TMS 002 is actively temperature controlled by water.

HOLOEYE’s TMS configuration software runs on a PC and communicates with the device. This simple to use software automatically recognises which model of TMS is being used and allows you to set up a target temperature to maintain the SLM at. It will also log data and display it in real time graphically. The temperature of the SLM can be maintained at ambient, or above or below it.

For more information, please contact us or visit our HOLOEYE TMS page.


Cooling and heating by ‘hi-TEC’ Peltier system from Electron Dynamics

HPE Heat Pump by Electron DynamicsThe Peltier effect can both heat and cool, so an Electron Dynamics‘ HPE pump from Elliot Scientific can offer a fully integrated thermo-electric temperature control system in a convenient package. The HPE comprises fan, heatsink, thermo-electric cooler and thermal block constructed as a complete heat pump assembly. When used in conjunction with one of our programmable ETCS temperature controllers, it can effect precise servo-controlled thermal stabilisation from -100 °C to +200 °C with a stability of 0.001 °C in varying ambient conditions.

Three models are available: 20 Watt Standard, 40 W Intermediate, and 80 W High Output. Please contact us for technical information and pricing.