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Introducing Single Crystal Fibre Laser Systems – New products from Fibercryst

_DSC0714Elliot Scientific is pleased to introduce Fibercryst, the only manufacturer of short pulse lasers and amplifiers utilising the innovative Single Crystal Fibre technology (SCF).

Originally developed from a series of University research programs, the SCF technology has been refined and commercialised by Fibercryst and patented jointly with the Institut d’Optique, and offers significant performance advantages over existing technologies. The products range from a full featured femtosecond micromachining laser, through a stand alone commercial amplifier, to individual amplifier modules:

  • FEMTO is Fibercryst’s powerful industrial femtosecond pulse width laser offering output powers up to 25 W for high throughput, high quality micromachining. Based on Taranis technologies, pulse energies in excess of 80 µJ (@ 100 kHz) in pulse widths of less than 900 fs can be generated along with repetition rates selectable between 100 kHz and 2 MHz.
  • Taranis Amplifier Systems are designed for a wide range of seed lasers providing either fibre coupled or free propagation mode inputs. The Taranis amplifier boosts a laser’s high average power, high peak power (up to 30 MW) and high pulse energy to free space.
  • Taranis Laser Gain Modules are a unique solution to provide high peak power and high energy amplification using a simple and compact design. By using a single-crystal with a long length and a small diameter, short pulse amplification delivering a high intensity, linearly polarised laser light with superb beam quality and adjustable repetition rate can be achieved.
  • Sub-nanosecond mJ laser: Fibercryst also offers an affordable, unique 1064 nm sub-ns laser system delivering more than 3 MW of peak power for use in research and test labs. Designed using MOPA architecture as a standalone unit combining a commercial 500 ps seed laser with the Fibercryst Taranis amplifier, it takes full advantage of the technology to provide a polarised beam, TEM00 output and 2 mJ of pulse energy for applications in LIBS, LIDAR & nonlinear optics; Supercontinuum, OPO, THz generation; and the biosciences.

For more information about these new innovative products, please contact us, or visit the Fibercryst pages on our website.

rainbow™2 – sub-6 fs Oscillator with CEP4 option

FEMTOLASERS rainbow2_smallhas launched its new rainbow™ 2 ultrafast oscillator to offer the ultimate performance and reliability in a sealed, industrial-grade package with state of the art output parameters:

  • sub-6 fs
  • 500 mW
  • > 300 nm spectral bandwidth

This outstanding ‘plug & play’ femtosecond laser is billed as the most advanced commercial ultrafast oscillator to date. Paired with the FEMTOLASERS patented CEP4 technology, the new hands-free rainbow™ 2 should be the oscillator of choice when it comes to demanding experiments requiring highest quality and long term reliability for CE Phase stabilisation.

The rainbow™ 2 is ideal for ultrafast spectroscopy, amplifier/OPCPA seeding, CARS and attosecond science. Please contact us for more information.

June 2014 Newsletter Out Now

June 2014 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific June newsletter is now available. In this issue we announce lots of exciting new products. From FEMTOLASERS we have the rainbow 2 oscillator and latest FEMTOPOWER amplifier plus the WIZZMO beam characterisation and compression unit. Vescent Photonics has released its ICE Cube electronics system, and Lake Shore is delivering their new Model 372 AC Resistance Bridge/Temperature Controllers. Plus ultrathin polarisers from CODIXX and the Photonex Roadshow reaches Cambridge.

To view it in a browser, click here.

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FEMTOLASERS selected for prestigious project

INTEGRAL elementFEMTOLASERS has been awarded a significant contract to develop and build the “front-end” source to generate ultrafast, high stability, ultra-low noise pulses for the prestigious pan-European High Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System in the Czech Republic. The systems they will be supplying are:

HAPLS is being assembled by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) for the ELI-Beamlines facility in Prague. This new facility will deliver pulses lasting less than 30 femtoseconds at a repetition rate of 10 Hz, with peak powers greater than one Petawatt.

FemtolasersFEMTOLASERS was selected by LLNL and the ELI-Beamlines team as only they could fulfil the technical requirements and meet the strict timescales required for construction of the facility.

HAPLS is being designed to significantly advance the state-of-the-art for high power lasers, allowing international scientific research in areas as diverse as medical imaging, particle acceleration, biophysics, chemistry, and quantum physics.

For more about FEMTOLASERS’ products, contact us now.

FEMTOLASERS Expands Ranges – Releases CEP4 and New Datasheets

FEMTOLASERS have announced the latest generation in their Carrier Envelope Phase programme. CEP4 is now available on the new Rainbow Oscillator.

Offering a direct feed-forward approach, the CEP drift is corrected on-the-fly after the free-running, passively stable FEMTOSOURCE™ rainbow™ ultrafast oscillator. Zero phase slip, i.e., a train of pulses with identical waveform, is now as easy to obtain as any other slip rate. Unprecedented performance and reliability, both short- and long-term, are ensured by the new CEP4 stabilisation operation.

The fusion™ range, now with the largest variety of models on the market, can meet any ultrafast application: average powers ranging from 150 mW to 1.2 W and pulse durations of sub-9 fs yield peak powers of over 1 MW. Low cost of ownership is guaranteed by outstanding efficiency. State-of-the-art laser parameters are offered at lower pump power levels when compared to all its counterparts.

Datasheets for all laser products and accessories have been revised for 2012 and are now available for download on our website.

For more information on these and other systems, visit our FEMTOLASERS product pages or contact our Laser Sales Team now.

FEMTOLASERS introduce new Systems and Accessories at Photonics West

Photonics West is often a launchpad for new products, and this year the exhibition did not disappoint. A whole raft of equipment was announced by FEMTOLASERS Produktions − click on the product name below to download a related datasheet:

For more information about these and other products from FEMTOLASERS, please contact us.

EUROPA™ MHz OPA now available from Elliot Scientific


EUROPA OPA from FEMTOLASERSElliot Scientific is pleased to offer EUROPA™, the first Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) directly pumped by sub-µJ pulses provided by the unique FEMTOSOURCE™ XL high energy oscillator from FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH. FEMTOSOURCE™ XL represents the new generation of high pulse energy ultrafast compact Ti:Sapphire oscillators, based on their patented revolutionary Chirped Pulse Oscillator technology.

Available to researchers in the UK and Ireland, the complete package of FEMTOSOURCE™ XL, PULSEFINDER™ programmable pulse picker and EUROPA™, constitutes a formidable tunable laser source for delivering high pulse energy at repetition rates up to 5.1 MHz across the visible to mid-IR spectral range.

Uncomplicated, inexpensive, stable and compact, the system is the ideal choice for spectroscopy and microscopy applications which require a high signal-to-noise ratio. For more information, please contact us.

PULSEFINDER offers the ability to pick µJ pulse energy at MHz repetition rates…

PULSEFINDER, from FEMTOLASER, is a pulse picking system developed especially for the FEMTOSOURCE scientific XL family of high energy oscillators. The system offers the ability to pick µJ pulse energy at MHz repetition rates and provides a unique combination of high contrast and high throughput for sub-50 fs oscillator pulses.

For more information on this product available through Elliot Scientific, visit our FEMTOLASER’s Ancillaries Page, telephone +44(0)1582 766300 or email us.