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EUROPA™ MHz OPA now available from Elliot Scientific


EUROPA OPA from FEMTOLASERSElliot Scientific is pleased to offer EUROPA™, the first Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) directly pumped by sub-µJ pulses provided by the unique FEMTOSOURCE™ XL high energy oscillator from FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH. FEMTOSOURCE™ XL represents the new generation of high pulse energy ultrafast compact Ti:Sapphire oscillators, based on their patented revolutionary Chirped Pulse Oscillator technology.

Available to researchers in the UK and Ireland, the complete package of FEMTOSOURCE™ XL, PULSEFINDER™ programmable pulse picker and EUROPA™, constitutes a formidable tunable laser source for delivering high pulse energy at repetition rates up to 5.1 MHz across the visible to mid-IR spectral range.

Uncomplicated, inexpensive, stable and compact, the system is the ideal choice for spectroscopy and microscopy applications which require a high signal-to-noise ratio. For more information, please contact us.