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Energetiq® EQ-99CAL Calibrated Laser-Driven Light Source Launched

EQ-99 LDLS Lamp Unit

EQ-99 LDLS Lamp UnitTraditional calibration sources for radiometric calibration, such as Deuterium, Quartz Tungsten Halogen, and Xenon-arc, all have limitations in spectral range. No single source covers the full UV-Visible range from 200 to 800 nm with output at comparable levels across that spectrum. In addition, traditional sources require recalibration after 100 hours or less of use and lamp replacement typically after 500 hours.

With its revolutionary Laser-Driven Light Source™ (LDLS), Energetiq offers a calibration solution that addresses these limitations and provides a single, broadband, high brightness source for radiometric calibration. The EQ-99CAL combines radiometric performance with long life, longer recalibration intervals, and low cost of ownership. Certification is from the UK’s respected National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The Energetiq® LDLS™ uses a laser activated plasma to generate light without electrodes to enable extreme high brightness over a broad spectral range, from 170 nm through to visible and beyond, combined with lifetimes an order of magnitude longer than traditional lamps.

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Nano Meets Spectroscopy at NPL in September will feature Elliot Scientific

Single Molecule Spectroscopy at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USDE

Single Molecule Spectroscopy at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USDE

September 15th sees the start of the two day conference Nano Meets Spectroscopy at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, a leafy suburb of London.

Elliot Scientific is attending along with our Optical Tweezer system and demonstration equipment from M Squared Lasers, nano-positioners from Mad City Labs, a fibre laser by IPG Phontonics and an EQ-99 laser-driven light source from Energetiq.

Nano Meets Spectroscopy is a multidisciplinary event centred on the biosciences. It will bring together leading experts in the fields of fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy who have common aims in the science and technology of molecular measurements.

Topics covered include:

  • Surface plasmons
  • Single molecules
  • Nanoparticles
  • Imaging
  • Biomolecules
  • Nanomedicine

Also, key areas of research involving super-resolution microscopy, metal enhanced fluorescence, protein aggregation, single-wall carbon nanotubes and metabolic sensing will be discussed.

Photo: Single Molecule Spectroscopy at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Courtesy of the USDE.

August 2011 Newsletter Now Online

August 2011 E-LetterThe Elliot Scientific August newsletter is now available as a PDF.  In this issue, Elliot Scientific launches Sperian’s Laser-Gard sunglasses for pilots and law enforcement officers, we highlight NMS 2011 at the National Physical Laboratory next month and three other events we will be attending, plus Elliot Scientific on the Web, and the International Year of Chemistry…

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