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Meridian & Axiom – Semiconductor Disk Lasers from Solus Technologies

Solus Technologies is a manufacturer of an innovative range of Semiconductor Disk Lasers (SDL) that utilise unique, custom-designed semiconductor structures. Their experience in III-V semiconductors, optical components and DPSS laser engineering brings products and solutions to a diverse range of customers, from OEM applications – for example, high volume printing and semiconductor metrology – through to precision scientific markets such as high resolution spectroscopy.

Meridian is a family of tunable 2 µm lasers provide a winning combination of high power (150 mW), compact footprint and a wide range of custom wavelengths (from 1.9 to 2.5 µm) that includes those traditionally difficult to reach in the mid infra-red. Meridian offers exceptional flexibility in configuration and operation, providing a cutting edge product for applications that include: gas sensing, molecular spectroscopy (ideal for the top 4 greenhouse gases), and bio-medical imaging and analysis.

Axiom delivers the performance you need from a cutting edge laser on the important 514 nm line by combining excellent beam quality with high power and narrow linewidth. Alternatively, Axiom can be delivered with a user specified operating wavelength that’s accurate to ±1 nm at any wavelength between 500 and 599 nm. Axiom excels in a range of lab or industry applications, such as biophotonics and metrology, offering outstanding power and flexibility from a compact cost effective form factor. It is the ideal replacement for a legacy Argon-Ion system for example.

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Blue, Green and Red laser light from Cyto-Lite™

Cyto-Lite Multi-wavelength Laser Engine for Life Science ResearchCyto-Lite is an exciting new laser illumination source, from Mad City Labs for life science and other researchers, that outputs three colours through a single fibre. The key wavelengths are:

  • 405 nm
  • 532 nm
  • 640 nm

The characteristics of each laser line can be controlled independently via the Cyto-Lite™ software’s streamlined user interface, making it a very flexible instrument for use in bioscience facilities and academic research laboratories.

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