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June 2019 newsletter now online

June 2019 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific June 2019 Newsletter: In this issue we welcome nPoint and their range of piezo-actuated nanopositioning flexure stages, and Microscope Heaters who do what it says on their tin – heat microscopes with fanless incubation systems. We also announce that our Optical Tweezer systems now come with Microsoft’s Windows 10, and that EXFO have launched the Optical Xplorer – the world’s first OFM. Plus Laser World of Photonics in Munich next week and a whole host of materials science and microscopy trade shows coming up next month.

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MadMotor – a UHV-compatible piezo-driven micropositioning system from Mad City Labs

The MadMotor™-UHV is a piezo motor driven micropositioning system offering high precision alignment over long travel ranges under ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions.

  • UHV compatible: 1 x 10-11 mbar
  • 10 mm range of motion
  • 100 nm step size (minimum)
  • Bakeable to 150 °C
  • Available in X, XY and XYZ configurations
  • Up to 6 kg load

Mad City Labs‘ experience in manufacturing equipment for use in UHV ensures that the MadMotor™-UHV is vacuum compatible to 1 x 10-11 mbar and can withstand extensive periods of baking at up to 150 °C.

The rigorous requirements of UHV operation have ensured careful design of the MadMotor™-UHV stages by the Mad City Labs engineering team to deliver robust and reliable operation within your application.

MadMotor™-UHV stages can travel up to 10 mm per axis with high resolution and excellent repeatability, while optional eddy current sensors can provide 500 nm of sensitivity over the entire travel range. A complete system is supplied as a 1, 2 or 3-axis piezo motor driven stage and Mad-Drive™ controller.

Please contact us for more details.

Mad City Labs leads sub-nanometre positioning revolution

Mad City Labs is a leading manufacturer of flexure-based nanopositioning systems capable of sub-nanometre positioning resolution. Their product line covers the entire spectrum of nanopositioning capabilities while maintaining a leadership role in multi-axis stages for high speed optical microscopy imaging. As Elliot Scientific is the exclusive distributor for Mad City Labs products in the UK and Ireland, contact us for more details about:


  • Nanopositioners
    • Single Axis
    • XY-Axis
    • XYZ-axis
    • Rotational and ‘Tip & Tilt’
    • Z-Axis
  • Microscopy
    • Focusing Elements
    • Micropositioning Systems
    • RM21™ Platform
    • MicroMirror TIRF Accessory
  • Systems
    • Nano-Cyte™ LC: Motion Controller
    • SPM-M closed loop, scanning resonant probe
    • MadPLL for tuning forks and Akiyama probes

Tomorrow we are at the Oxford Bioimaging Festival

Mad City LAbs and Prizmatix components we on show at the recent Photonex event held in Coventry

Mad City Labs and Prizmatix components were on show at the recent Photonex event held in Coventry

Tomorrow, October 20th, Elliot Scientific is exhibiting at the annual Oxford Bioimaging Festival held in St John’s College.

The aim of the day is to share the breadth of the imaging expertise within the area’s imaging community by bringing together as many of Oxford’s imaging scientists and clinicians as possible, and showcasing the broad range of scientific research being undertaken in Oxford.

Mad City Labs nanopositioners and Prizmatix LED lightsources for optogenetics will be among the products we will be demonstrating for the life sciences. We will also be available to discuss the opportunities our advanced Optical Tweezers offer to researchers.

Registration is free to members of Oxford University and its institutional and NHS collaborators.

October 2011 Newsletter Now Online

October 2011 E-LetterThe Elliot Scientific October newsletter is now available as a PDF. In this issue we look forward to exhibiting at Photonex, where we will be showing our Elliot|Martock range of stages and slides,  nanopositioner’s from Mad City Labs, lasers from KLASTECH, M Squared, FEMTOLASERS and IPG Photonics, plus the Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezer, a Janis Research cryostat, and a whole lot more…

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September 2011 Newsletter Now Online

September 2011 E-LetterThe Elliot Scientific September newsletter is now available as a PDF. In this issue we highlight the new catalogue on nanopositioning equipment from Mad City Labs, CRAIC Technologies’ Elixir Forensic Analytical Microscope, QuAMP 2011 in Oxford and Photonex in Coventry, Lake Shore’s Material Characterisation Test Systems, KLASTECH’s DPSS Lasers, and the International Year of Chemistry…

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