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New OmniFlex 2 multi-channel fibre optic temperature monitoring system from Neoptix


The Neoptix OmniFlex 2 System is a new, fully upgradeable, multi-channel fibre optic temperature monitoring system.

Field upgradeable to as many as 104 channels, the unit can be controlled by its onboard colour touchscreen, or remotely using a web browser via Ethernet. The latter method is more comprehensive, as it enables remote module configuration, data-logging capabilities, full electrical isolation, and optional WiFi connectivity.

The basic OmniFlex 2 chassis is a standard 3U in height that accommodates up to 6 OmniModules, while a 6U version can be fitted with a total of 13 OmniModules. Additional chassis can be cascaded by linking them via a router.


The OmniFlex 2 System allows use of several types of OmniModules in the same chassis. These plug-in modules can easily be mixed and matched to meet the needs of specific test projects. The current OmniModules are:

  • 4-channel direct measurement module operating at 10 Hz/channel
  • 4-channel multiplexed module operating at 250 ms/channel
  • 8-channel multiplexed module operating at 250 ms/channel
  • 16-channel 0-10 V analogue output module

Since its introduction in 2006, OmniFlex systems have been used in aerospace, cryogenic research, medical and other demanding industrial applications. It has also been the ideal tool of choice for monitoring temperatures during power transformer testing due to its -80 to +300 °C measuring range.

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Firefly IR laser features high pulse energy and peak power

M Squared Lasers has just released revised specifications for their Firefly-IR. The improved performance of this innovative, widely tunable infrared laser source brings new capabilities to a host of molecular spectroscopy, remote sensing and imaging applications.

Firefly IR Features

  • High pulse energy and peak power –
    • Greater detection sensitivity & stand-off distances
    • Enhances signal to noise ratio
  • High repetition rate –
    • Rapid data acquisition
    • Real time imaging
  • Data logging –
    • Combine wavelength & measured data into single file
  • ICE-BLOC control

Firefly-IR’s broad mid-infrared wavelength coverage (~2.5 – 4.5 µm) allows users to probe the absorption features of many different molecules with a single device. Available in two standard power levels (Firefly-IR-250 and (Firefly-IR-60), the laser’s high average power and correspondingly high peak power (up to 200 W) afford high detection sensitivity and greater standoff distances. For more information, please contact us or download the Firefly-IR datasheet.