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New Minimum Pulse Distortion Optics from FEMTOLASERS

New optics for ultrafast TiS lasers from FEMTOOPTICS by FEMTOLASERS are optimised to induce minimum pulse distortion:

  • 2″ dielectric 5 & 10% beamsplitters | sub-7 fs | p-polarised
    • Constant splitting ratio over a large spectral bandwidth
    • Minimum GDD upon both reflection and transmission
  • 3″ dielectrically enhanced Ag mirrors
    • High reflectance and low GDD over ~ one optical octave
  • 3″ ultra broadband dielectric 0° and 45° mirrors
    • High reflectance
    • Maximum bandwidth achievable with non-dispersive dielectric mirrors

For more information about these and other FEMTOLASERS’ products, please contact us.