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Lake Shore’s 7400 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is the most sensitive available today

VSM_SQLake Shore’s Vibrating Sample Magnetometer systems (VSM) can measure all types of magnetic materials in bulk, powder, thin film, single crystal, and liquid form, and the latest 7400 series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is the most sensitive VSM available today.

This VSM features a noise floor of 1 x 10-7 emu at 10 seconds/point sampling, 4 x 10-7 emu at 1 second per point and 7.5 x 10-7 emu at 0.1 seconds per point. In addition to providing the lowest noise floor, the 7400’s patented technology leads to a stability of 0.05% per day which surpasses the stability of any other commercial VSM.

Under full software automation it can measure and record hysteresis M(H) loops, torque curves, isothermal and DC demagnetisation remanence curves, and temperature dependent magnetic properties.

Models based on variable gap 4″, 7″ and 10″ electromagnets are available, providing field strengths to above 3 T. While variable gap magnets allow for easy reconfiguration of the magnet gap to accommodate large samples of up to 1″.

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August 2014 Newsletter Out Now

August 2014 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific August newsletter is now available. In this issue Vescent’s videos show lock robustness, Mad City Labs aid microscopists along with Optical Tweezers from Elliot Scientific, and Lake Shore still has some Option Cards for its Model 340. Plus a whole lot more.

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Nano-Cyte and MadPLL Systems added to our Mad City Labs’ Range

Elliot Scientific is now offering two recently introduced systems from leading nanopositioning experts Mad City Labs.

Nano-Cyte™LC is an image based, platform independent stabilisation system that changes the nature of live cell imaging. Suddenly, temperature gradients, sample and microscope drift are things of the past as the Nano-Cyte™LC system delivers unprecedented stability in the nanometer regime allowing long term imaging experiments like none before. [Video] [Brochure]

MadPLL® is a powerful instrument package that allows a user to create an inexpensive, high resolution resonant scanning probe microscope from Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems. In short, MadPLL® can be used to create an ‘instant’ closed loop AFM or NSOM at a fraction of the cost of commercial systems. MadPLL® is suitable for nanoscale characterisation and nanoscale fabrication applications such as optical antennas, nano-optics, semiconductors, data storage, and more. [Video] [Brochure]

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