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Lake Shore Model 350 Ultra-low Cryogenic Temperature Controller now available

Lake Shore announced their new ultra-low cryogenic temperature controller – the Model 350 – back in February, but now the physics community can actually start to receive their orders as the first models roll off the production line in Westerville. The Model 350 is designed for the demands of pumped He-3 refrigerators, adiabatic demagnetization refrigerators (ADRs) and a number of other dilution refrigerators, providing excellent measurement performance, superior control accuracy, and convenient operation for a wide range of advanced research applications.

Patented noise reduction input circuitry is just one reason why this controller works so well for ultra-low temperature (ULT) applications, all the way down to 100 mK. When combined with precision Cernox sensors, this performance-optimised design allows as little as 10 nA of excitation current to be used, minimising self-heating effects, and ensures best possible measurement accuracy throughout the entire temperature range. The instrument offers extraordinary capability and flexibility, often eliminating the need for additional instrumentation in a refrigeration control system. Its four input channels and four independent control outputs are configurable to support a broad range of I/O requirements, including the heaters and auxiliary devices typical of ULT refrigeration systems, as well as other cryogenic sensor types like ruthenium oxide and platinum RTDs.

For more information and pricing of this and other equipment in the Lake Shore range, please contact us.

Chillin’ with the experts: SHI Cryogenics

Ten years ago, Sumitomo Heavy Industries acquired APD Cryogenics and formed SHI Cryogenics – a company with decades of combined experience in building cryogenic equipment and manufacturing innovative designs in both the USA and Japan. Their extensive range of cryopumps, Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers, pulse tubes, shield coolers and lab cryostats are found worldwide in:

  • Semiconductor fabs
  • Optical and industrial coating facilities
  • Research and development labs
  • Medical and life science departments

Latest products include the sub-25 Kelvin CH-104 Cryocooler and Zephyr air-cooled compressor with its 30,000 hour maintenance interval.

For in-depth information on SHI’s broad product line, please contact our Cryogenic Sales Team.