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Distributed PLC monitoring of cryogenic temperature sensors new in from Lake Shore

Lake Shore’s latest 240 Series offers a convenient, modular input solution for precision monitoring of cryogenic temperature sensors in large-scale applications employing distributed PLC-based control.

Delivering the same precision temperature measurement performance as Lake Shore’s own trusted benchtop cryogenic instruments, widely distributed high energy applications like particle accelerators and fusion reactors as well as industrial sites will benefit from this new instrumentation.


  • Two or eight cryogenic temperature sensor inputs
  • Supports Cernox, platinum, and other RTDs, plus DT-670 diodes
  • Precision measurement in calibrated temperature units
  • Monitor temperatures in the range 1 to 800 K
  • Current reversal to minimise thermoelectric offsets
  • Front-mounted OLED screen
  • Fully configurable through USB connection
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication for PLC-based systems
  • DIN rail mounting

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FEMTOLASERS Expands Ranges – Releases CEP4 and New Datasheets

FEMTOLASERS have announced the latest generation in their Carrier Envelope Phase programme. CEP4 is now available on the new Rainbow Oscillator.

Offering a direct feed-forward approach, the CEP drift is corrected on-the-fly after the free-running, passively stable FEMTOSOURCE™ rainbow™ ultrafast oscillator. Zero phase slip, i.e., a train of pulses with identical waveform, is now as easy to obtain as any other slip rate. Unprecedented performance and reliability, both short- and long-term, are ensured by the new CEP4 stabilisation operation.

The fusion™ range, now with the largest variety of models on the market, can meet any ultrafast application: average powers ranging from 150 mW to 1.2 W and pulse durations of sub-9 fs yield peak powers of over 1 MW. Low cost of ownership is guaranteed by outstanding efficiency. State-of-the-art laser parameters are offered at lower pump power levels when compared to all its counterparts.

Datasheets for all laser products and accessories have been revised for 2012 and are now available for download on our website.

For more information on these and other systems, visit our FEMTOLASERS product pages or contact our Laser Sales Team now.