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DayPhotonicsLogoToday is DAY OF PHOTONICS, a recently introduced annual event designed to promote the entwined fields of optics and electronics to the general public. Around the globe, companies, research organisations, and others involved, will spread the word about the key enabling technology of photonics and its importance to their local communities.

Intl_Year_Light_2015Numerous voluntarily organised small scale events will be taking place within companies, complemented by media attended flagship promotions, as methods to raise the awareness of photonics and the forthcoming UN-designated International Year of Light in 2015.

Elliot Scientific therefore welcomes questions from the citizens of Harpenden and its environs today. So, if you have a question about photonics, enter it in the comments section below and we will reply or, alternatively, click here to visit the DAY OF PHOTONICS website.

ICE Box™: Integrated Control Electronics from Vescent Photonics

ICE_Angle_1-371x264Vescent Photonics has introduced ICE, a compact suite of digitally controlled electronics that will precisely drive and stabilise a broad range of semiconductor lasers and associated photonics tools.

The ICE system is based on the same high-performance D2 Series electronics that have established Vescent Photonics as the leader in laser control and stabilisation. It is fully compatible with all Vescent D2 modules and can be used to drive and control a complete stabilised-laser system; overseeing frequency and temperature, offset lock DBR, DFB, or External Cavity lasers.

Each ICE control board is commanded via a USB Virtual Communication Port programmed in a language such as LabVIEW™, MATLAB™, Python, Java, et al. An intuitive GUI can also be used to issue commands and control the experiment or, if installed in the ‘ICE Box’- a chassis that provides power and interface connections – a front-panel control is included.

For more information about this new product, or any other from Vescent Photonics, please contact us.