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Lake Shore’s 7400 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is the most sensitive available today

VSM_SQLake Shore’s Vibrating Sample Magnetometer systems (VSM) can measure all types of magnetic materials in bulk, powder, thin film, single crystal, and liquid form, and the latest 7400 series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is the most sensitive VSM available today.

This VSM features a noise floor of 1 x 10-7 emu at 10 seconds/point sampling, 4 x 10-7 emu at 1 second per point and 7.5 x 10-7 emu at 0.1 seconds per point. In addition to providing the lowest noise floor, the 7400’s patented technology leads to a stability of 0.05% per day which surpasses the stability of any other commercial VSM.

Under full software automation it can measure and record hysteresis M(H) loops, torque curves, isothermal and DC demagnetisation remanence curves, and temperature dependent magnetic properties.

Models based on variable gap 4″, 7″ and 10″ electromagnets are available, providing field strengths to above 3 T. While variable gap magnets allow for easy reconfiguration of the magnet gap to accommodate large samples of up to 1″.

For more detailed information about this product, please contact us.

Low-cost, quick delivery Probe Station introduced by Lake Shore

PS-100The newly introduced Lake Shore PS-100 is a pre-configured solution for customers needing a basic, low-cost cryogenic probe station. This packaged system consists of a TTPX probe station set up for four-point triaxial probing, ideal for sensitive, high-impedance DC measurements.

The PS-100 is intended to offer a straightforward cryogenic probing solution without the complexity of choosing from multiple configuration options. The four arm triaxial scheme is the most commonly requested probe station configuration and serves many different applications.

By pre-configuring these units, Lake Shore can take advantage of operational efficiency in manufacturing to offer a very competitive price and a lead time of just 3-4 weeks.

The PS-100 has the same performance specifications as the existing TTPX and can be upgraded with standard TTPX options in the field.

A PS-100 information sheet is available, or visit our Lake Shore Probe Stations page on the Elliot Scientific website. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

New Compact DC Power Supply from Lake Shore

  • Programmable current output, 100 nA to 100 mA
  • Current reversal feature
  • 7 decades of low-noise output current, selectable in 13 steps

Lake Shore’s new Model 121 programmable DC current source is a CE-marked precision instrument suitable for bench-top use or panel-mounted operation in labs, test facilities, and manufacturing environments.

The Model 121 provides a low-noise, highly stable source of current up to 100 mA, with convenient manual selection through 13 pre-set output levels, each representing a ten-fold change in power when attached to a resistive load. A “user” setting allows the current output to be defined anywhere within the operating range of the unit, from 100 nA to 100 mA.

Programmable operation is also possible via the instrument’s USB computer interface, through which the Model 121 can be commanded to output any desired current at any time. Thus, application-specific test currents can be driven from an external PC.

For more information about this and other power supplies from Lake Shore, please contact us.