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July 2017 Newsletter Out Now

July 2017 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific July newsletter is now available. In this issue we cover the new products announced at LASER World of Photonics last month by our principals. Gamma Scientific: two new spectroradiometers. HOLOEYE: the new PLUTO-2 driver for Spatial Light Modulators. Fibercryst: higher power from the new FEMTO-30 laser. CryoSpectra: A new 1 kW cooling capacity cryorefrigerator. NoIR LaserShields: New frames added to their range. Plus photos from the trade show and more…

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CryoSpectra lowers the temperature with new K90 cryorefrigerator system

HP_Cryo_3_hcm0029873CryoSpectra deliver the simplest way to bring cryogenic temperatures into a vacuum chamber through their uniquely designed cryorefrigeration systems utilising gold-plated and polished cold heads of 38 or 50 mm diameter with CFF or KF flanges. Now available with base temperatures from 75 Kelvin , these high cooling capacity systems are easily the best way to cryogenically cool laser crystals.

The CryoSpectra K Series of low acoustic noise cryorefrigerators are especially designed for work in the lab. The closed-loop cooling system ensures maintenance-free operation, while the super-compact cold head guarantees an ultra-low vibration (0.5 nm peak to peak – see vibration data here) chilled surface for inside the vacuum chambers of high power laser systems.

For detailed specifications, please contact us.

April 2016 Newsletter Out Now

April 2016 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific April newsletter is now available. In this issue we are illuminated by Gamma Scientific’s new SpectralLED light source, magnetically attracted to Lake Shore’s 7400 Series VSM, introduced to benchtop test and measurement systems from OZ Optics, feel the 75 Kelvin chill with CryoSpectra’s latest compressor and cold head combo, and mention the recent Photonex London Roadshow.

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September 2015 Newsletter Out Now

Andeen-Hagerling AH2700A Capacitance Bridge Test Instrument

September 2015 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific September newsletter is now available. In this issue we welcome CryoSpectra and their cryorefrigeration systems to the UK, get written thanks from Lake Shore with regard to customised cryogenic Probe Stations, admire Andeen-Hagerling‘s work on capacitance measurement, and look forward to Photonex in Coventry next month, plus the International Year of Light and more…

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CryoSpectra brings compact cryogenic cooling to the UK

CryoSpectra is a class-leader in the production of superior very low vibration high-power cryorefrigerators that deliver 90 to 170 Kelvin temperatures into a vacuum chamber. High power laser crystal cooling, to guarantee Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilisation of femtosecond or shorter pulses, is just one application. Elliot Scientific is now distributing their product range throughout the UK and Ireland.


  • Laser crystal cooling
  • High power laser amplifiers
  • CEP stabilised laser systems
  • Ti:Sapphire multi-millijoule, multi-kHz amplifier systems
  • Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Cryopumping

With a high cooling capacity from a very small gold-plated cold head, CryoSpectra products are also ideal for use in a broad range of other demanding cryo-applications in industry and science – especially physics, chemistry and biotechnology, and the company can offer customised solutions too.


  • High cooling capacity at cryogenic temperatures
  • Cool-down time 20 minutes
  • Compact cold head is vibration-free
  • Quiet and maintenance-free

Contact us now for more information.