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CRAIC Technologies launch GeoImage™ for petrographic analysis

GeoImage™ is the latest Vitrinite Reflectance Measurement System from CRAIC Technologies and is used to determine the grade of coal and coke by vitrinite reflectance as per the ISO 7404-5 and ASTM D2798 standards. These procedures ensure that coal blends used in energy generation and steel making are optimal and consistent from batch to batch.

Designed for use with petrographic microscopes, GeoImage™ can also be used in conjunction with CRAIC’s microspectrometers to also acquire reflectance and fluorescence spectra of coal samples, and take high resolution colour images too.

GeoImage™ also features an automated point counting module where hundreds of points are measured on the sample. Using statistical data analysis, the amount of vitrinite* in the coal blend, its thermal maturity and thus its energy content can be quickly determined.

For more information about GeoImage™ and other products from CRAIC Technologies, please contact us.

* Vitrinite is a maceral of coal and is comprised of various polymers, cellulose and lignin. Measuring the amount of light reflected by vitrinite macerals is a key test to determine the thermal maturity of the coal blend and its suitability for steel production. The procedure has been standardised by a number of international bodies including both ISO and ASTM.






Elliot Scientific introduces CRAIC Technologies CoalPro II to the UK…

CRAIC Technologies CoalProII

Coal, kerogens and petroleum source rock are becoming increasingly important in the search for new sources of energy. The CoalPro II, now available through Elliot Scientific to the coal, oil and gas sector in the UK and Ireland, is the newest system from CRAIC Technologies for the optical analysis of vitrinite and other macerals commonly found in these materials.

One of the most important ways of grading the energy content of coal and petroleum source rock is to measure the optical reflectance of microscopic amounts of vitrinite, a maceral that comprises various polymers, cellulose and lignin. This key test determines its thermal maturity and therefore energy content, a procedure standardised by a number of international bodies including both ISO and ASTM. All of the standards require the use of a microscope photometer, a device designed to measure the intensity of light reflected from a microscopic sampling area, such as the CoalPro II.

For more information on this and other microspectrophotometer products, visit the CRAIC Product Page, telephone +44(0)1582 766300 or email us.