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FEMTOLASERS Expands Ranges – Releases CEP4 and New Datasheets

FEMTOLASERS have announced the latest generation in their Carrier Envelope Phase programme. CEP4 is now available on the new Rainbow Oscillator.

Offering a direct feed-forward approach, the CEP drift is corrected on-the-fly after the free-running, passively stable FEMTOSOURCE™ rainbow™ ultrafast oscillator. Zero phase slip, i.e., a train of pulses with identical waveform, is now as easy to obtain as any other slip rate. Unprecedented performance and reliability, both short- and long-term, are ensured by the new CEP4 stabilisation operation.

The fusion™ range, now with the largest variety of models on the market, can meet any ultrafast application: average powers ranging from 150 mW to 1.2 W and pulse durations of sub-9 fs yield peak powers of over 1 MW. Low cost of ownership is guaranteed by outstanding efficiency. State-of-the-art laser parameters are offered at lower pump power levels when compared to all its counterparts.

Datasheets for all laser products and accessories have been revised for 2012 and are now available for download on our website.

For more information on these and other systems, visit our FEMTOLASERS product pages or contact our Laser Sales Team now.

New Ti:S Amplifier datasheet defines the range


FEMTOPOWER X PRO CEPAustrian ultrafast laser specialist FEMTOLASER Produktions have just released their latest datasheet for the FEMTOPOWER™ range of high-power multipass Ti:Sapphire amplifiers.

These are designed to be the optimal light source for the most demanding of applications as the FEMTOPOWER™ is the only amplifier that can provide outstanding CE-Phase stability over the longest period of time.

There a 6 basic models of the FEMTOPOWER™ and, with various options and configurations regarding peak power, pulse duration, pulse energy, repetition rates and CE-phase stabilisation available, this leads to more than 30 different systems to choose from. So, for detailed specifications, you can download the FEMTOPOWER™ datasheet here, or contact us for more information.

10 mJ laser pulses from FEMTOPOWER™ X PRO CEP


FEMTOPOWER™ X PRO CEP is the latest model in the FEMTOPOWER™ family of ultrafast Ti:Sapphire multipass amplifiers from FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH. Now available in the UK and Ireland through Elliot Scientific, the FEMTOPOWER™ X offers more than 10 mJ of power with a pulse duration shorter than 25 femtoseconds.

FEMTOPOWER X PRO CEPEach FEMTOPOWER™ X is equipped with sub-m accurate BEAMWATCH™ position detectors and BEAMALIGN™ active beam pointing stabilisation.


  • Over 10 mJ @ 1 kHz
  • Pulse duration standard: < 30 fs
  • Pulse duration PRO: < 25 fs
  • After KALEIDOSCOPE™: < 7 fs
  • Fully CEP stabilised

FEMTOPOWER™ X CEP is fully CEP stabilised (optional) by means of FEMTOLASERS’ unique and proven CEP3 technology. With more than 50 systems already installed in the most renowned laboratories, the FEMTOPOWER™ CEP series has evolved to be the first and only choice among scientists worldwide as the optimal light source for the most demanding applications including: high harmonics, X-ray generation, attosecond science and ultrafast spectroscopy.

For more information about this and other products from FEMTOLASERS, please contact us.