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rainbow™2 – sub-6 fs Oscillator with CEP4 option

FEMTOLASERS rainbow2_smallhas launched its new rainbow™ 2 ultrafast oscillator to offer the ultimate performance and reliability in a sealed, industrial-grade package with state of the art output parameters:

  • sub-6 fs
  • 500 mW
  • > 300 nm spectral bandwidth

This outstanding ‘plug & play’ femtosecond laser is billed as the most advanced commercial ultrafast oscillator to date. Paired with the FEMTOLASERS patented CEP4 technology, the new hands-free rainbow™ 2 should be the oscillator of choice when it comes to demanding experiments requiring highest quality and long term reliability for CE Phase stabilisation.

The rainbow™ 2 is ideal for ultrafast spectroscopy, amplifier/OPCPA seeding, CARS and attosecond science. Please contact us for more information.