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New High-power Variable Ratio Beamsplitter or Attenuator from Spectral Optics

Spectral Optics has developed a completely new and innovative type of broadband variable Beamsplitter / Attenuator (VBSA) for high-power laser applications.

This unique VBSA offers the user continuous adjustment of the Reflection/Transmission (R/T) split ratio over a set bandwidth determined by the choice of beamsplitter material.  These allow operation in and around the deep UV at 193 nm, the visible and near infrared, or the far infrared. Substrates currently available are:

  • BK7
  • Standard UV fused silica
  • ArF-grade UV fused silica
  • UV-grade CaF2
  • IR-grade CaF2
  • ZnSe

Both uncoated and coated versions are available for any laser wavelength and any polarisation.

  • Continuous adjustment of R & T split ratio
  • Uncoated option for high power laser applications
  • Transmission range 20 to 80% typically, or over 99% if coated
  • Apertures up to 12.5 mm (½”) as standard. 50 mm (2″) on request

Contact us to find out how your optical application could benefit from a VBSA.