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DAli 3 Automatic Alignment Systems available with MDE piezo-driven XYZ Positioners

Elliot Scientific is offering the DAli 3 Automatic Alignment Systems with a choice of MDE123 or MDE125 Elliot Gold™ Series piezo-actuated XYZ flexure stages.

Two systems are available. The E2323 comprises a model E2300 2-axes automated feedback piezo controller plus MDE123 Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ flexure stage fitted with piezo actuators providing 25 µm of piezo adjustment in each of the three axes, or the E2325 with 100 µm of piezo adjustment. Both systems also offer 2 mm of manual adjustment in each axis.

E2323_1200AThe Elliot Scientific DAli 3 is the latest version of our popular automated photonic device alignment system for the following applications:

  • Fibre-to-laser diode alignment
  • Fibre-to-waveguide alignment
  • Fibre-to-fibre coupling
  • Fibre array-to-device alignment
  • Compensation for epoxy drift during pigtailing
  • Compensation for drift during long-term characterisation
  • Simultaneous alignment of input & output fibres (or arrays) to waveguide device

A typical E2300 DAli 3 system now consists of our new 3-channel E1100 piezo controller, the USB-equipped DAli 3 interface, and a customer-supplied PC or laptop for driving the easy to use software. Although designed to complement the piezo-driven versions of the Elliot Gold™ Series range of flexure stages, such as the MDE123 and MDE125 described above, it is also suited to other piezo devices working on 0 to 150 volts.

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May 2011 Newsletter Now Online

May 2011 E-LetterThe Elliot Scientific May newsletter is now available as a PDF.  In this issue, M Squared Lasers describe their new products for Munich, KLASTECH launch their second generation 532 nm lasers,  and we go into detail on the new HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) developer kits, plus Laser World of Photonics, the International Year of Chemistry and  more…

To read it online magazine-style click here.

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