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In-house instrument verification from EXFO

EXFO has launched the TKS-CAL Optical Calibration Kit to provide in-house instrument verification, putting users in control of all their calibration operations. The system enables manual calibration of power meters as well as verification of light sources, attenuators and OTDRs without causing any downtime and costly shipping. Flexible and modular, it is designed to evolve as needs change. For more information, please contact us.

April 2014 Newsletter Out Now

April 2014 NewsletterThe Elliot Scientific April newsletter is now available. In this latest issue we reveal nine new products from Mad City Labs, note that Vescent has launched a new 9 GHz D2-160 Beat Note Detector, examine larger aperture achromatic waveplates from FEMTOOPTICS, uncover EXFO’s new Multiport Benchtop Optical Variable Attenuator, and look forward to OPIE 2014 in Yokohama.

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Special EXFO test equipment catalogue for R&D/Manufacturing

EXFO has released a new catalogue covering their entire range of products for the fibre-based telecom engineer. Equipment for network engineers and R&D/Manufacturing is covered but, as Elliot Scientific only specialises in the latter, we have made available a special abbreviated version for download from our EXFO product pages.

Examples of the test equipment covered include:

IQS Series

  • Light Source
  • WDM & Tunable Laser Sources
  • Variable Attenuator
  • Standard & MEMS Optical Switches
  • Utility Module
  • Optical Spectrum Analyser

Contact us now for more details.

PSO Series

  • Optical Modulation Analyser
  • Optical Sampling Oscilloscope

Handheld & Benchtop Systems

  • Power Meters
  • Variable Attenuators
  • Laser & Light Sources

November 2013 Newsletter Out Now

November 2013 E-LetterThe Elliot Scientific November newsletter is now available. In this issue we welcome new equipment from Spectral Optics – the Variable Beam Splitter Attenuator (VBSA), Lake Shore Cryotronics – the low-cost PS-100 Probe Station, and CRAIC Technologies – the latest 508 PV microspectrophotometer add-on for legacy microscopes. We also celebrate the tenth anniversary of mechOnics and look at the range of UV, Visible, and IR products offered by Lambda Research Optics.

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New High-power Variable Ratio Beamsplitter or Attenuator from Spectral Optics

Spectral Optics has developed a completely new and innovative type of broadband variable Beamsplitter / Attenuator (VBSA) for high-power laser applications.

This unique VBSA offers the user continuous adjustment of the Reflection/Transmission (R/T) split ratio over a set bandwidth determined by the choice of beamsplitter material.  These allow operation in and around the deep UV at 193 nm, the visible and near infrared, or the far infrared. Substrates currently available are:

  • BK7
  • Standard UV fused silica
  • ArF-grade UV fused silica
  • UV-grade CaF2
  • IR-grade CaF2
  • ZnSe

Both uncoated and coated versions are available for any laser wavelength and any polarisation.

  • Continuous adjustment of R & T split ratio
  • Uncoated option for high power laser applications
  • Transmission range 20 to 80% typically, or over 99% if coated
  • Apertures up to 12.5 mm (½”) as standard. 50 mm (2″) on request

Contact us to find out how your optical application could benefit from a VBSA.