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Ultra-high Resolution Raman Spectroscopy from CRAIC Technologies’ Artemis™ System

Craic Technologies ArtemisUltra-high resolution Raman microspectroscopy is now available throughout the UK and Ireland as Elliot Scientific introduces the CRAIC Artemis™ Raman Spectrometer – available as an add-on for modern research grade microscopes, or as an option for CRAIC’s existing range of UV-Vis-NIR Microspectrophotometers.

Perfect for research, metrology and quality control, the CRAIC Artemis™ Raman system has been designed specifically for microscopic sample. Its patented virtual slit technology dramatically increases the sensitivity of the spectrometer, offers an extraordinarily large spectral range, yet maintains the high speeds and spectral resolution for which CRAIC microspectrometers are known.

The Artemis™ modules are available in many different laser wavelengths and two can be combined for the ultimate in experimental flexibility. Easy to use and economical to own and operate, they enable rapid sample analysis within life sciences, materials science, chemistry and physics.

Each module includes a choice of diode laser, imaging and microscope optical interface, durable solid-state Raman spectrometer, and software from CRAIC – the experts in microspectroscopy.

For more information about the Artemis™ Raman Spectrometer and other CRAIC systems, please contact us.