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Honeywell Sperian adds new laser filters for several wavebands

Honeywell Sperlasershields in use 2 heads #2ian has recently introduced new filters for eye protection from laser radiation in the following wavebands:

  • Vis-IR
  • Near IR
  • Alexandrite-Diode-YAG combos
  • CO2

Honeywell Sperian has been in the business of laser safety for decades, and the company offers a very broad range of laser eye protection products:

  • UV, Visible, and Infrared filters
  • Multiple waveband filters
  • Protection for patients, pilots and police
  • Sheet material and barrier systems
  • A wide range of stylish spectacle frames and comfortable goggles

If you need advice choosing the correct filter and eyewear, our experts are on hand and ready to help. Contact us with details of your laser’s performance and we will recommend suitable protection.

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