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CryoLab: An elegant new solution for material characterisation measurements at low temperature

Introducing the CryoLab series from Kryoz Technologies – a fully integrated range of desktop cryocooler systems designed for rapid circuit or material characterisation measurements from ambient down to cryogenic temperatures in a fully automated manner. Doing measurements doesn’t require any experience or know-how on cryogenics, vacuum technology or thermodynamics from the user. CryoLab can be operated as a stand-alone or via the companion CryoVision software. All parameters can be seen at a glance, and switching between user-defined set-points and saved programs can be made. A smartphone app is also available.

Banner_CLSeebeckFeatures & Applications

  • Plug-and-play cooling platform
  • Fast, controlled temperature cycling
  • One system – various applications:
    • High Temperature Superconductors (HTS)
    • Thin Films
    • Thermoelectrics – The Seebeck Effect
    • Resistance & Hall coefficient measurements by the van der Pauw Method
    • Optical sensors
  • No cryogenic fluids involved
  • Turbopump option

For more information on these exciting new products from Kryoz Technologies, please contact us.

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