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EQ-99X from Energetiq®: The Laser Driven Light Source

EQ99XFC_SQEnergetiq‘s range of LDLS laser-driven light sources benefit from ultraclean construction to give superb long-term stability and operating life. In addition, the fibre-coupled EQ-99XFC model of LDLS features Fiber-Protection Technology™, a new technique that improves long-term deep ultraviolet output by a significant amount.

These revolutionary award-winning lamps, with focusable high brightness, broad spectral range, high stability, long life, and low cost of ownership, have set new standards in the available illumination technologies for scientists. Typical applications are:

  • HPLC & high performance spectroscopy
  • Advanced imaging & microscope illumination
  • Environmental analysis & monitoring
  • Materials characterisation & sample testing
  • Gas phase measurements

If you have an application that requires stable and very bright illumination, please contact us, as we have the solution.

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