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FEMTOOPTICS – New catalogue out for 2015/2016

FEMTOLASERS has released the latest 2015/2016 version of its popular catalogue for the FEMTOOPTICS™ line of premier optical components. The range fully supports ultrafast applications and helps to exploit the capabilities of femtosecond lasers by covering the entire beam path – from source to target and from generation to detection. Products include:

  • Negative dispersive mirrors
  • Low dispersive optics
  • Ultra broadband optics

Highlights include:

  • GDD-optimised fluorescence filters
  • Octave-spanning, GDD-minimised dichroic filters – enabling the implementation of sub-7-fs pulses in nonlinear microscopy
  • Components for the visible – 450-700 nm for use with sub-7 fs pulses
  • Broadband dispersive mirrors
  • Low dispersion beam-splitters

FEMTOOPTICS™ – designed for ease-of-use to allow you to focus on your application and nothing else. Download the catalogue here.

For more information on FEMTOLASERS™ optics and laser systems, contact us now.

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