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Micro Laser Systems adds new fibre products to its range

Micro Laser Systems manufacture diode laser modules and optical assemblies with an emphasis on providing diffraction limited, circular beams with low wavefront error and low divergence. The California-based company has recently developed a new range of products which we are pleased to introduce to the UK and Ireland.

Fibre Focuser

Fiber Focuser-14_43The Micro Laser Systems’ Fibre Focuser generates diffraction limited micron spot sizes at long working distance via its multi-element air spaced Focusing Cell. This element screws onto the main collimator to provide a convenient and compact way to define the focused spot. This method avoids additional optic holders and alignment problems. The Fibre Focuser can be adjusted to work optimally with singlemode fibres, polarisation maintaining (PM) fibres and large mode area (LMA) fibres at any one wavelength within the limits of its AR coating.

The Fibre Focuser’s optical materials have been chosen to eliminate or minimise laser-induced fluorescence, especially in the visible, and are housed in a stainless steel body to shield from the effects of temperature. Custom options, such as alternative housing materials for hazardous environments, mounting holes or slots, and special wavelength ranges, can be ordered.

Fibre Receiver

FiberReceiver_43The FR10 Fibre Receiver has been designed to collect reasonably collimated light and inject it into a 100 µm or larger core fibre with greater than 90% efficiency. The FR10 has been specially engineered specifically by Micro Laser Systems for this task, delivering a much larger signal than if using a reversed collimator in the same situation.

Housed in stainless steel and fitted with an SMA connector, the FR10 Fibre Receiver is delivered with a factory preset focus for collimated light. However, if you are working at the lower or upper end of the spectrum, or if the light source is not as collimated as one would like, focus can be user adjusted for better coupling and optimal signal strength.

The receiver’s 10 mm aperture is threaded to accept sensors or ½” inch optics such as filters. Extra items can be added via the convenience of the FL10 Cell mount, and a ring adapter for mounting to common optical mounts and optical fibre assemblies is also available.

For more about these two products, visit our Micro Laser Systems pages on our website, or contact us directly for more information.



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