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Today and tomorrow, we are at Bristol University

Tomorrow and Wednesday, Elliot Scientific will be visiting the University of Bristol to demonstrate a selection of products by leading companies from around the globe that could benefit your work now, or in the future.

So, come and meet the team in the foyer’s of the School of Physics on Tuesday, November 4th, or the School of Chemistry on Wednesday, November 5th. We look forward to seeing you and having a chat about….

Energetiq – Laser-driven light sources for spectroscopic applications – a new way forward in illumination technology

FEMTOOPTICS – Broadband, low-dispersion optical components for femtosecond lasers

Gamma Scientific – Light measurement solutions for the lab: integrating spheres, calibrated spectrometers, radiometers, colourimeters, lamps and light sources

HOLOEYE Technologies – Computer-controlled Spatial Light Modulators

Integrated Optics – High-performance compact CW lasers for use in biotech and diagnostics

IPG Photonics – A broad range of Yb, Er or Tm-doped fibre lasers for numerous applications

mechOnics – Miniature long-travel piezo-driven micropositioning systems with zero backlash or rotation

Photodigm – DBR lasers delivering superb beam quality and high power from a single mode diode

Vescent Photonics – Novel electro-optic and laser technologies for M-O Traps, Coherent Atom Sources and more

Physics' foyer, University of Bristol

Physics’ foyer, University of Bristol

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