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New stepper motor driven micropositioning stages from Mad City Labs

Mad City Labs has started shipping their new MMP Series of precision, stepper motor driven, micropositioning stages that offer excellent repeatability.

Engineered for high precision positioning in a variety of applications, these high resolution long range linear positioning units are available in one, two or three axis configurations.


X, XY, and XYZ MMP Series micropositioners

The dedicated Micro-Drive™ intelligent control system, designed by Mad City Labs, delivers exceptional stability with a high native precision. Complex motion profiles can be programmed with sophisticated control parameters, such as automatic acceleration and deceleration. This makes the MMP Series the ideal choice for demanding motion control applications.

High resolution (50 nm) linear encoders for users requiring real-time feedback of the actual stage position, and wireless control, are available options.

For more information about this micropositioning system, its controller or other products from Mad City Labs, contact us now.

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