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New Gold SERS substrates for enhanced NIR Raman signal

The newly released Ato ID™ ‘Mato’ Plasmonic Sensor is designed to offer good excitation results for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) in both the red (600 nm plus) and NIR wavelength ranges.

Features sers-mato-pack3

  • Ideal for red to NIR laser wavelengths
  • Significantly enhances Raman signal
  • Gold (Au) coated
  • Active area: 4 x 4 mm (typical)
  • Overall carrier size 25 x 25 x 1 mm thick
  • Compatible with use of cover slip over the active SERS area
  • Developed specifically for high sensitivity trace detection applications

The base substrate is soda-lime glass which exhibits relatively weak inherent Raman scattering and so does not interfere with the sample signal. The active region comprises a pure gold coating over the proprietary nanofabricated base (patent pending). The monolithic structure eliminates risk of contaminants that can arise with glued or chemically treated types. All ‘Mato’ Raman substrates are vacuum sealed in a cleanroom environment for ease of handling. Please contact us for more information.

See also the ‘Randa’ silver coated substrate for visible to NIR applications.

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