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Next Generation Energetiq® LDLS now available

EQ99XFC_SQEnergetiq has introduced a new EQ-99X-Series of LDLS – laser-driven light sources – that benefit from ultraclean construction to give greater long-term stability and an extended operating life. In addition, the fibre-coupled EQ-99XFC LDLS features Fiber-Protection Technology™, a new technique that improves long-term deep ultraviolet output by a significant amount.

These revolutionary award-winning lamps, with focusable high brightness, broad spectral range, high stability, long life, and low cost of ownership, have set a new standard in the available illumination technologies for scientists. Typical applications are:

  • HPLC & high performance spectroscopy
  • Advanced imaging & microscope illumination
  • Environmental analysis & monitoring
  • Materials characterisation & sample testing
  • Gas phase measurements
  • New datasheets are already available for download

If you have an application that requires stable and very bright illumination, please contact us as we have the solution.

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