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Special prices on laser mirrors and waveplates – Only while UK stocks last

laser_mirrorSpectral Optics manufacture a broad range of quality standard sized laser mirrors covering all common applications. Elliot Scientific holds a limited stock of these available for a next working day delivery in the UK.

With new parts due in the Spring, we are making our existing stock available at special prices, but only while stocks last. As we go to press, the stock comprises:

High Power Mirrors only £85

Wavelength (nm) Incidence Size Part Number
355 1″ x 0.375″ MP-1.00-0.37-LM-BK7-355
355 45° 1″ x 0.375″ MP-1.00-0.37-LM-BK7-355/45
532 1″ x 0.375″ MP-1.00-0.37-LM-BK7-532
532 45° 1″ x 0.375″ MP-1.00-0.37-LM-BK7-532/45
1064 1″ x 0.375″ MP-1.00-0.37-LM-BK7-1064
1064 45° 1″ x 0.375″ MP-1.00-0.37-LM-BK7-1064/45

Half- and quarter- waveplates suitable for high power lasers at 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths, plus waveplates for medium power applications at 633 nm, are also on sale.

High Power Zero-Order M-F* Bonded & Mounted only £304

Wavelength (nm) Type Size Part Number
532 ¼-wave 0.5″ WVPZF-Q-0.50-V1-V1-M-532
532 ½-wave 0.5″ WVPZF-H-0.50-V1-V1-M-532
1064 ¼-wave 0.5″ WVPZF-Q-0.50-V1-V1-M-1064
1064 ½-wave 0.5″ WVPZF-H-0.50-V1-V1-M-1064

Medium Power Zero-Order Cemented & Mounted only £221

Wavelength Type Size Part Number
633 ¼-wave 0.5″ WVPZ-P-0.50-V1-V1-M-633
633 ½-wave 0.5″ WVPZ-H-0.50-V1-V1-M-633
M-F=Molecular Fusion™

For up to date stock availability on these, or specifications of other products that Spectral Optics offer, contact us now.

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