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Micro Laser Systems expand range with UV, RGB and custom collimators

The Micro Laser Systems‘ FC Series of standard collimators are designed specifically for single mode fibre, polarisation maintaining fibre, and fibre laser applications requiring a pure Gaussian beam. The company has now added to this range by offering three new designs and a customisation service.

All collimatorsOptimised for UV applications in glass or fused silica, the FC5-UV has been specially coated for the 350 to 410 nm wavelength range. The lens system is also well corrected to give excellent beam quality and minimise fluorescence. An apochromatic collimator has also been developed for simultaneous transmission of RGB wavelengths without any distortion. Applications include projection systems, flow cytometry and microscopy.

Completing the line-up is the Fibre Focuser. Based on the FC10, it can accommodate various focusing optics and can therefore be optimised for single mode fibre, polarisation maintaining (PM) fibre, or large mode area (LMA) fibre. The multi-element design provides a tightly focused spot with good working distances. Custom Fibre Focusers can be produced for any focal length, spot size, or particular wavelength. They can also include other optical elements such as filters, polarisers, or windows. 

Micro Laser Systems is well positioned to manufacture custom collimators as they are responsible for the whole project: from design, through manufacturing, to final assembly and test. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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