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Laser Servo gets positive feedback from users

Elliot Scientific has had commendations from laser scientists around the UK after trials with the D2-125 laser servo from Vescent Photonics.

Designed for low-noise servo control of lasers and other experimental systems, the reconfigurable servo is equipped with a PI2D loop filter (with two-stage integral feedback) that provides tight locking to cavities and atomic/molecular transitions.

The D2-125 provides full control over the loop-filter parameters, enabling servo-loop optimisation for a wide variety of systems such as acousto and electro-optic actuators, voice coils, piezo actuators, and so on.

Auto relocking is available for the D2-125 Laser Servo as an option. Lock Guard™ detects when the servo loop filter has gone out of lock and automatically recaptures it.  Lock Guard™ control parameters are all user adjustable for maximum flexibility and optimal performance.

Key research areas for Vescent products are:

  • Magneto-Optical Traps (MOT) for laser-cooling of atoms
  • Coherent atom sources
  • Sensors for gravitometry and magnetometry
  • Focused ion beams
  • Ultrasensitive trace-isotope analysis
  • Quantum computing and cryptography

For more information about Vescent Photonics, their electro-opticwaveguide, and laser technology products, please contact us.

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