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Low-cost, quick delivery Probe Station introduced by Lake Shore

PS-100The newly introduced Lake Shore PS-100 is a pre-configured solution for customers needing a basic, low-cost cryogenic probe station. This packaged system consists of a TTPX probe station set up for four-point triaxial probing, ideal for sensitive, high-impedance DC measurements.

The PS-100 is intended to offer a straightforward cryogenic probing solution without the complexity of choosing from multiple configuration options. The four arm triaxial scheme is the most commonly requested probe station configuration and serves many different applications.

By pre-configuring these units, Lake Shore can take advantage of operational efficiency in manufacturing to offer a very competitive price and a lead time of just 3-4 weeks.

The PS-100 has the same performance specifications as the existing TTPX and can be upgraded with standard TTPX options in the field.

A PS-100 information sheet is available, or visit our Lake Shore Probe Stations page on the Elliot Scientific website. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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