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New 508 PV from CRAIC Technologies adds advanced microspectroscopy to legacy microscopes

The new 508 PV™ UV-visible-NIR spectrophotometer, from CRAIC Technologies is designed to be added to an open photoport of a microscope or probe station for non-destructive analysis of the spectra of many types of microscopic samples.

The 508 PV™ features the cutting edge Lightblades™ spectrophotometers from CRAIC Technologies. These can acquire spectra of microscopic sample areas by absorbance, reflectance, polarisation, luminescence and fluorescence, in addition to high-resolution colour images, when attached to properly configured microscopes via the proprietary optical interface.


  • MEMS devices & Optical Thin Film Thickness
  • Material Characterisation & Process Contamination Analysis
  • FPD Colour Masks, OLEDs & LEDs
  • Mineralogy & Vitrinite Coal Reflectometry
  • Photoreceptors, Semiconductors & Surface Plasmon Resonance

Contact us to find out how the 508 PV™ is an effective means to upgrade a microscope to the latest hardware and software microspectrophotometer.

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