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Kinetic Systems announce the Vibralevel DSM Dual Stiffness Isolation Mount

Vibralevel DSMKinetic Systems has introduced a new concept in vibration isolation for applications involving a moving load – the Vibralevel DSM Dual Stiffness Isolation Mount.

Providing the optimal combination of damping and vibration isolation, the Vibralevel DSM is a cost-effective alternative to active vibration isolation systems. Designed primarily for applications where a moving load is supported on vibration isolation mounts, the Vibralevel DSM virtually eliminates platform tilt by going into stiff mode when a load undergoes an aggressive move.

Signalled by the machine controller, the mount transitions from a softer vibration isolation system to a stiffer support platform in under 500 ms. Once the move is complete, the system reverts to “soft” mode, providing the vibration isolation required for accurate placement or inspection.

The Vibralevel DSM is ideal for applications involving both shifting loads and the need for pinpoint positioning, for example, large coordinate measuring machines or flat panel and wafer inspection systems in which a sensor moves rapidly to specific locations for measurements. It is also well-suited to die bonders, systems with robotic arms, and pick-and-place machines that must move items to precisely defined points.

For more information on how Vibralevel can improve your applications, please contact us.

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