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FEMTOOPTICS – New catalogue out for 2013/2014

FEMTOLASERS has released the latest version of its popular catalogue for the FEMTOOPTICS™ line of premier optical components. The range fully supports ultrafast applications and helps to exploit the capabilities of femtosecond lasers by covering the entire beam path – from source to target and from generation to detection. Products include:

  • Negative dispersive mirrors
  • Low dispersive optics
  • Ultra broadband optics

Highlights include:

  • GDD-optimised fluorescence filters
  • Octave-spanning, GDD-minimised dichroic filters – enabling the implementation of sub-7-fs pulses in nonlinear microscopy
  • Components for the visible – 450-700 nm for use with sub-7 fs pulses
  • Broadband dispersive mirrors
  • Low dispersion beam-splitters

FEMTOOPTICS™ – designed for ease-of-use to allow you to focus on your application and nothing else.

In addition, new datasheets are now available for download via our FEMTOLASERSoscillator and amplifier products pages.

For more information on FEMTOLASERS™ optics and laser systems, contact us now.

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