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New Systems in mechOnics Micropositioning Range

mechOnics, a specialist in micropositioning systems using piezo inertial drives, has expanded their range of stages. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of X, XY, and XYZ miniature translation stages, Elliot Scientific is now able to offer a Monomode Coupler and an XYZ Positioner with up 10 mm travel. Stages utilise a directly driven slip/stick rod method that maintains position without power, and ensures zero backlash or rotation.

The MX 35 XYZ Positioner is a compact miniature translation stage system that offers up to 10 mm in all axes with a step resolution of approximately 10 nm depending on choice of controller. The stage can position itself at speeds up to 1.2 mm/s with an accuracy of 50 nm. A vacuum-ready version is available along with a smaller sibling in the MX 25 model that offers 2 mm of travel in all axes.

The MK 25 Monomode Coupler focusses a free-space laser beam onto an optical fibre by means of a compact piezo-driven aspheric lens equipped assembly. This allows for remote focusing and alignment of systems where traditional hand adjustment would be impractical.

Full technical specifications of these products and details of other systems from mechOnics can be found in their current catalogue. Alternatively, please contact us for more information.

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