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Energetiq EQ-99 Manager – The Smart Controller for LDLS™

Energetiq’s EQ-99 Manager offers enhanced control of the EQ-99 series Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™), adding valuable functionality to the brightest, longest lasting, broadband light source available today.

  • USB Computer Interface
    • Connects to a computer via USB, allowing for easy control and monitoring of the LDLS™
  • Status Monitoring
    • Bulb operation hours and other data can be monitored on a computer, or by the bright LED front-panel display
  • Advanced Shutter Control
    • The EQ-99 Manager offers a variety of advanced control modes and a programmable shutter speed
  • Optional Shutter
    • This device can be mounted to the window of the EQ-99 or directly to an optical bench
  • Shutter Performance
    • 100 ms minimum exposure time | 2 Hz maximum cycle rate
  • Universal Power Supply
    • A single universal PSU for worldwide operation is included, dispensing with the need for multiple power sources

Please contact us for more information about products from Energetiq.

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